Zabbix 4.4.4 veröffentlicht

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Die Entwickler der Enterprise Class Monitoring Lösung, Zabbix, haben kurz nach dem Release 4.4.3, nun die Version 4.4.4 veröffentlicht. Die neue Version bringt 8 neue Funktionen wie das neue Media für mattermost und opsgenie und behebt 35 Fehler.

Zabbix 4.4.4 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-5623Added pushover webhook integration
ZBXNEXT-5591Added media “mattermost”
ZBXNEXT-5586Added media “opsgenie”
ZBXNEXT-5609Added agent2 windows build support
ZBXNEXT-5271Implemented ‘delete missing’ option for imported template linkages
ZBXNEXT-5600Updated templates to internal version v0.34
ZBX-16540Splitted host_resources templates into 3 subtemplates: for cpu, memory and storage
ZBXNEXT-5572Added windows services template, updated windows template objects descriptions, added missing user macro

Bug Fixes

ZBXNEXT-5386Added missing webhook parameters to default database data
ZBX-17101Fixed url validation before output
ZBX-17070Fixed agent2 plugin configuration not being called if no plugin specific parameters are set
ZBX-17062Fixed lld macro substitution when postgrsql is used
ZBX-16929Fixed function signature
ZBX-16804Added missing get parameters in availability report
ZBX-16286Fixed graph widget dimensions errors on high dpi screens
ZBX-16848Fixed fatal error occurring in user profile and user edit forms when php fileinfo extension does not exist
ZBX-16684Fixed incorrect double quotes in history plain text view
ZBX-16918Fixed widget saving with slow internet connection
ZBX-16903Fixed validation of “interfaceid” field for http agent items with large ids
ZBX-16751Fixed support for php 7.4
ZBX-16879Changed condition description message for tag value in actions and event correlations
ZBX-16459Fixed context-aware lld macro expansion in jsonpath preprocessing
ZBX-16911Fixed multiselect searching suggests in template mass update
ZBX-9084Fixed high memory usage during startup
ZBX-17058Fixed agent2 passive check timemouts exhausting plugin capacity
ZBX-16932Fixed build fail on netbsd
ZBX-15041Fixed request not being cancelled along with popup window in widgets
ZBX-16111Removed templateid from screen api output
ZBX-16919Fixed server check warning width in chrome
ZBX-16954Fixed graph widget scroll disappear
ZBX-16995Fixed widget vertically stretch
ZBX-16978Fixed undefined offset in problem by severity widget
ZBX-16944Fixed “type of information” field in item form being marked as required when it is read-only
ZBX-16912Fixed image map elements having a hand cursor when there is no context menu available
ZBX-1977Fixed axis labels calculation
ZBX-16877Fixed long snmp oid value goes beyond fields block
ZBX-17034Updated zabbix website links
ZBX-16874Fixed map-type widget clipping in internet explorer
ZBX-16915Fixed memory leak
ZBX-17008Improved zabbix server performance when using maintenance
ZBX-16779Fixed infinite loop when writing export to file fails
ZBX-16852Fixed graph widget multiselect collapse
ZBX-16649Fixed flexible textarea behavior


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