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WordPress 6.0.1 Wartungs Release

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Das Update ist seit 12.7.2022 draußen und behebt 31 Fehler, davon 13 im Core und 18 im Block-Editor.

WordPress 6.0.1 Release Notes Core

  • skipOnAutomatedBranches() does not work as expected, take 2
  • block-templates theme support not present in /themes REST API endpoint
  • About page: Replace video thumbnail image
  • Twenty Ten: Unbump version number due to lack of functional changes.
  • WP_Term_Query cache problem
  • Option ‘user_count’ not initalized or updated on single sites
  • Remove meetup from oembed allow list
  • Backport bug fixes from Gutenberg into Core for WP 6.0.1
  • Register Comments Query Loop from metadata to enable title and description translation.
  • Theme preview is bugged for all themes in the directory
  • Pattern keywords are not passed through from pattern directory
  • Default template for new posts should be “Single,” not “404”
  • Continued post lock data inconsistencies
  • Update the About page for 6.0.1

Quelle: WordPress 6.0.1 Wartungs-Release | Deutsch

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