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Tine 2.0 Community Edition 2022.09.10.137 veröffentlicht

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Die Community Edition der Groupware Tine2.0 ist in Version 2022.09.10.137 erschienen. Das Update bringt 4 neue Funktionen und behebt 20 Fehler in Tinebase, Felamimail, CRM und Calendar.

Tine 2.0 CE 2022.09.10.137 Release Notes


  • bff0033 feature(Admin/User): create email user accounts with cli Admin.setPasswords
  • 96d467b feature(Addressbook/Contact/Grid): add more e-mail filter options
  • 5154c8b feature(Felamimail/Message): save message copy in selected imap folder
  • 1096719 feature(Felamimail/Json): allow message tagging


  • 208fb2d fix(TB DenormalizedProperty) keep original_id on copying a denormalized record
  • 9171c82 fix(Felamimail/Message): handle edge case with long mail header
  • 7a4c660 fix(Felamimail/js): set recipient type to BCC when mass mailing
  • 10c0515 fix(TB LDAP) remove create/disbale account race condition during ldap sync
  • 4cdf47e fix(Tinebase): snooze js errors with modal windows
  • 8ab0d77 fix(Felamimail/Message/Move): add fallback if moving fails
  • a0a405d fix(Felamimail): resolve mailinglist contacts if not set email
  • d1510ef fix(SSO RelyingParty) add query filter to model
  • 8a728a9 fix(Tinebase/Json/changePassword): client might send null values
  • 02c0d01 fix(Felamimail/Account): set sieve update note on saveAccount, too
  • dfdeef7 fix(HumanResources): can’t add sickness
  • a10376e fix(Tinebase): can’t edit record twice (local mode)
  • ba82b0b fix(TB ForeignRecordFilter) make equals null work
  • 3787096 fix(Email): can’t reply/forward mails
  • 43584a6 fix(Email): can’t delete mails
  • e9d601a fix(Tinebase): autoSize with browserZoom fails on macs without retina displays
  • d2f96e3 fix(Felamimail/Folder): check (account) acl in folder controller
  • 3b6bc03 fix(Tinebase/js): update email-addresses library
  • 9a01a58 fix(CRM): render name of product
  • bc974aa fix(Felamimail/ActiveSync): fix move messages

Quelle: Release 2022.09.10.137 · tine20/tine20 · GitHub

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