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Thunderbird Release 68.0

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Der beliebte E-Mail Client Thunderbird, wurde vor kurzem in der neuen Hauptversion 68.0, veröffentlicht. Wer seine bestehende Installation aktualisieren möchte, muss die neue Version herunterladen und installieren. Ab Version 68.1 soll dann ein Upgrade wieder möglich sein. Die Fehlerkorrekturen und Neuerungen sind sehr umfangreich und wie nachfolgend gelistet.

Thunderbird 68.0 Release Notes

What’s New

  • NEW File link attachments can now be linked to again instead of uploading them again
  • NEW Mark all folders of an account as read
  • NEW Run filters periodically. Improved filter logging.
  • NEW OAuth2 authentication for Yandex
  • NEW Language packs can now be selected in the Advanced Options. Preference intl.multilingual.enabled needs to be set (and possily also extensions.langpacks.signatures.required needs to be set to false)
  • NEW On Windows a 64bit installer and MSI package are now available, see the Thunderbird for Organisations page for details
  • NEW Added a policy engine that allows customized Thunderbird deployments in enterprise environments, using Windows Group Policy or a cross-platform JSON file
  • NEW TCP keepalive for IMAP protocol
  • NEW Full Unicode support for MAPI interfaces: New support for MAPISendMailW
  • NEW To protect your profile data against a downgrade, Thunderbird 68 may display a message “You have launched an older version of Thunderbird” and will not allow opening a specific profile. Workaround: start with option –allow-downgrade. See this support article for details.
  • NEW Calendar: Time zone data can now include past and future changes. All known time zone changes from 2018 to 2022 are included.
  • NEW Chat: In each conversation an individual spellcheck language can be selected now
  • CHANGED Add-on support: Add-ons are only supported if add-on authors have adapted them
  • CHANGED Dictionary support: Only WebExtension dictionaries are supported now. Both and now provide WebExtension dictionaries.
  • CHANGED Theme support: Only WebExtension themes are supported now. Both and now provide WebExtension themes.
  • CHANGED The stand-alone options window has been removed, all options are now shown in a tab
  • CHANGED Changed UI when installing add-ons
  • CHANGED Various theme improvements including a dark message list/thread pane
  • CHANGED Application menu aka “Hamburger menu”
  • CHANGEDI mprovements when entering, selecting and removing recipients in the Write window
  • CHANGED FileLink: WeTransfer is already included. Dropbox and using the new WebExtensions FileLink API are available as add-ons, amongst others.
  • CHANGED Text and background colors in the Write window and custom colors for tags are no longer restricted to a fixed 10×7 matrix of HTML colors
  • CHANGED Composition text and background colors no longer sent by default. New option in “Tools > Options, Composition”.
  • CHANGED UI improvements for external and detached attachments, now showing as links with new menu option “Open Containing Folder”
  • CHANGED Improved phishing attempt detection for messages with certain forms
  • CHANGED Improvements to scam warnings
  • CHANGED Reply to self will now search all identities (default of preference mailnews.reply_to_self_check_all_ident changed to true)
  • CHANGED Maildir now uses the message ID as file name and “eml” as file extension
  • CHANGED Auto-compact threshold increased from 20 MB to 200 MB
  • CHANGED Calendar: UI improvements for event dialog
  • CHANGED Calendar: Thunderbird’s calendar add-on Lightning now uses the same version numbering scheme
  • FIXED Column choice and sort order in “Search Messages” dialog lost after relaunch
  • FIXED Global indexer causing high CPU loads under some circumstances
  • FIXED Tags set on IMAP folders sometimes not visible to other users
  • FIXED “Contribute” button in add-on details not working
  • FIXED SMTP password wasn’t removed when account was deleted or server or user name were changed
  • FIXED Mbox to Maildir conversion not working if Windows search integration is enabled
  • FIXED Mails won’t get removed from Trash folder using Maildir. Note: Other deletion issues related to Maildir may still persist.
  • FIXED When sending of a message failed due a security issue, only “unknown error” was displayed. Now more details are given.
  • FIXED Improvements of SMTP 5.7.1 message
  • FIXED Calendar: Multiple connections with different users to the same CalDAV server not working
  • FIXED Chat: Fixed XMPP authentication when using SASL


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