Syncthing – neue Features in Release 0.14.24

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Die Open-Source Lösung zur P2P Dateisynchronisation, Syncthing, wurde vor kurzem auf die aktuelle Version 0.14.24 aktualisiert. Neben 2 Bugfixes wurden ein paar neue Features die den Umgang beim pausieren von vielen Foldern vereinfachen, sowie Änderungen zur Performancesteigerung eingeführt.

Syncthing Release Notes 0.14.24

Resolved issues since v0.12.23:

  • #3884: lib/sync: Fix a race in unlocker logging
  • #3976: Links and log messages refer to https instead of http where possible


  • As of this release, symlinks are no longer supported on Windows.
  • The default number of parallel file processing routines per folder is now two (previously one), and the number of simultaneously outstanding network requests has been increased.
  • The GUI now contains buttons to pause or resume all folders with a single action.

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