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SoGo Gropuware 3.2.8 veröffentlicht

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Die Groupware SoGo und hier die moderne Version 3, wurde in Version 3.2.8 veröffentlicht. Neben 6 Verbesserungen und 22 Bugfixes wurde auch ein neues Feature im Core hinzugefügt.

SoGo 3.2.8 Release Notes

New features

• [core] new sogo-tool manage-acl command to manage calendar/address book ACLs


• [web] constrain event/task reminder to a positive number
• [web] display year in day and week views
• [web] split string on comma and semicolon when pasting multiple addresses (#4097)
• [web] restrict Draft/Sent/Trash/Junk mailboxes to the top level
• [web] animations are automatically disabled under IE11
• [web] updated Angular Material to version 1.1.3

Bug fixes

• [core] handle broken CalDAV clients sending bogus SENT-BY (#3992)
• [core] fixed handling of exdates and proper intersection for fbinfo (#4051)
• [core] remove attendees that have the same identity as the organizer (#3905)
• [web] fixed ACL editor in admin module for Safari (#4036)
• [web] fixed function call when removing contact category (#4039)
• [web] localized mailbox names everywhere (#4040, #4041)
• [web] hide fab button when printing (#4038)
• [web] SOGoCalendarWeekdays must now be defined before saving preferences
• [web] fixed CAS session timeout handling during XHR requests (#1456)
• [web] exposed default value of SOGoMailAutoSave (#4053)
• [web] exposed default value of SOGoMailAddOutgoingAddresses (#4064)
• [web] fixed handling of contact organizations (#4028)
• [web] fixed handling of attachments in mail editor (#4058, #4063)
• [web] fixed saving draft outside Mail module (#4071)
• [web] fixed SCAYT automatic language selection in HTML editor
• [web] fixed task sorting on multiple categories
• [web] fixed sanitisation of flags in Sieve filters (#4087)
• [web] fixed missing CC or BCC when specified before sending message (#3944)
• [web] enabled Save button after deleting attributes from a card (#4095)
• [web] don’t show Copy To and Move To menu options when user has a single address book
• [web] fixed display of category colors in events and tasks lists
• [eas] fixed opacity in EAS freebusy (#4033)

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