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PrestaShop Release

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Die Entwickler und die Community haben die neue PrestaShop Version veröffentlicht. Das Maintenance Release behebt 21 Fehler und führt 4 Verbesserungen durch. Die Version 1.6 wird im übrigen noch bis zum Oktober 2018 mit Patchen versorgt.

PrestaShop Release Notes

Back Office

– #8640: Move to HTTPS
– #8444: Update marketplace URL to http(s)
– #8449: Update marketplace URL to http(S)
Bug fix
– #8612: Fix AdminController’s processDeleteImage() redirect after URL
– #8233: Fix stock available after add product in order
– #8389: Fix selecting a product does not work on Mac
– #8644: Fix for PHP 7.x
– #7844: Fix Stock cover report stock out calculation
– #8335: Revert “Add paid order to stats dashboard even when there’s no related invoice generated”

Front Office

– #8564: Hide the password in the confirmation email
Bug fix
– #8686: Fix the blank page when no currency defined in the shop
– #8445: Fix the sorting problem with a descending order in the products filtering page
– #8579: Split width of summary invoice pdf
– #8337: Fix conditionals check in DiscountController
– #8531: Fix the email validator


Bug fix
– #8536: Fixed for duplication of product which has both combinations and specific prices
– #8682: Fix error 500, result of built-in function in write context
– #8695: Fix PHP 7.1 compatibility
– #8429: Increase limit message chars
– #8673: Fix PHP Warning when updating category with multishop
– #8329: Add DB prefix in delete() method all time $add_prefix is set to true
– #8454: Clean the DB after language delete
– #8177: Use english email template as fallback in getEmailTemplateContent


Bug fix
– #8273: Update Postal Code of South Korea

Web Services

Bug fix
– #8647: Fix the update product web service


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