Pi-hole FTL v5.9 Web v5.6 und Core v5.4 veröffentlicht

Pi-hole ist ein kostenloser DNS Server mit Werbeblocker.Das Update umfasst alle Komponenten und bringt neue Features und Bugfixes. Das Update wird mit folgendem Befehl ausgeführt:

# pihole -up

Pi-hole Release Notes


  • Enable PHP8 support for Debian/Ubuntu #4135
  • Cosmetic change to pihole -v -c output #4143
  • Re-remove wget from dependencies #4153
  • Added docker to README #4175
  • Be explicit in IPv6 RA values. #4206
  • Don’t overwrite existing logrotate #4207
  • Fix typo #4199
  • Add new tests to ensure dependencies are available to the OS #4215
  • Filter pihole -t #4191
  • Add missing sed anchors when deleting lines. #4178
  • Remove false statement about dependency removal on Raspbian #4158
  • Add tail of pihole.log to debug output #4162
  • Debug Log bugfix #4216
  • Handle pi.hole and hostname in FTL instead of local.list #4131
  • Remove mod_compress (mod_deflate) from lighttpd to provide backwards compatible support for Debian Bullseye (11) #4221
  • Remove mod_compress from lighttpd config on fedora/centos #4222
  • Support and test Debian Bullsye (11) and Ubuntu 21.04 #4126
  • Delete supportedos.txt – it is not actually used anywhere can can cause confusion #4228
  • Fix coloring of pihole -t #4230
  • Add -t (teleporter) option to Admin Console help dialog #4233
  • Guard for logrotate func non-zero return #4242
  • Make output of SHM dir human readable #4244
  • Remove extra failure display when installation of logrotate file is skipped because the file already exists #4247
  • Fix error on checking interfaces that are not dual-stack #4248
  • Increase width of ID column in adlist and domain table in debug script #4262
  • Give pihole its own logrotate state file #4225
  • Remove comparison of IP addresses with setupVars.conf #4246
  • Some tweaks to how packages are installed, plus removal of dhcpd5 dependency (Option 1) #4260
  • Add uptime to debug log #4265
  • Add switching ‘to…from’ message to ftl checkout output #4266
  • On enabling/disabeling only reload-lists instead of reload #4264
  • Fix Splashpage not appearing properly on non-root directories #4271
  • Conditional forwarding: Also forward unqualified host names #4287
  • Add sudo to apt-get recommendation #4292
  • Fix pipe to pihole tricorder #4304
  • Add content of /etc/resolv.conf to debug output #4311
  • Use –no-progress-meter instead of –silent so error reasons are printed #4305
  • Forward unqualified names to the CF target only when the “Never forward non-FQDN” option is NOT ticked #4317
  • Remove ineffective Access-Control-Allow-Origin header #4275
  • Add content of /etc/dnsmasq.conf to debug output #4312
  • Add possibly missing capabilities #4314
  • Install RFC6761 config file #4282
  • Include all files in the dnsmasq config dir in the debug output #4243


  • Password autocompletion #1785
  • Try to obtain hostname for MAC clients #1793
  • Improvement to readability of footer “update” command text #1797
  • Added the option for an automatic dark mode based on the device status #1836
  • Add reply type DNSSEC #1837
  • Adding CORS support via environment variable #1822
  • Fix domain validation method #1852
  • Fix require func.php #1855
  • Add interpretation for Pi-hole message type RATE_LIMIT #1859
  • Stop timer when user reenabled blocking early #1863
  • Fix TypeError if no extended DNS error is available #1862
  • Import two fixes #1867
  • Add new blocked by database status and NONE reply type #1869
  • Add httponly = true to persistent login cookie #1875
  • Apply htmlentities in a couple of places to prevent xss #1876
  • Clarify how and when UQDN are forwarded with conditional forwarding #1873
  • Less color for the Query Log #1872
  • Add BLOB reply type #1871
  • footer.php: move FTL before Web Interface #1854
  • Remove adlists tab from settings page #1845


  • Customizable locking while database is busy #1156
  • Regex extension: Specify reply type #1159
  • Update embedded dnsmasq to version 2.86
  • Improve locking during heavy TCP forking #1134
  • Log when listening on the wildcard address #1135
  • Improve warning messages for defect hwclocks #1136
  • Fix crash when bind-address is used #1132
  • And everything else at the top of this blog post

Quelle: Pi-hole FTL v5.9, Web v5.6 and Core v5.4 released – Pi-hole

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