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Pi-hole Bugfix Release 5.12 veröffentlicht

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Pi-hole ist ein kostenloser Werbeblocker mit DNS und DHCP Service. Pi-hole erhielt ein Update und steht nun in Version 5.12 bereit. Das Update wird mit folgendem Befehl ausgeführt:

pihole -up

Pi-hole 5.12 Release Notes

  • Add optional health check to Pi-hole databases in debug script by @yubiuser in #4745
  • Add spinner for long processes running during debug log by @rdwebdesign in #4815
  • Fix shellcheck warnings by @yubiuser in #4825
  • Don’t fail if Alma or Rocky are detected by @yubiuser in #4824
  • Only execute spinner function if there is a tty by @rdwebdesign in #4834
  • Use prefers-color-scheme for theme based logo by @yubiuser in #4838
  • Fix spaces in dialog msg by @yubiuser in #4832
  • Add OS_CHECK_DEPS to uninstall script by @yubiuser in #4846
  • Indent installation/update complete message by @yubiuser in #4848
  • Remove unused and outdated files and scripts by @yubiuser in #4847
  • Move FTL port and PID functions to by @yubiuser in #4839
  • Drop explicit support for CentOS 7 from the install script by @PromoFaux in #4828
  • Ensure user defined FTL_PID_FILE and FTL_PORT_FILE dirs are created on startup by @yubiuser in #4855
  • Exit init script with error result code if FTL fails to start by @dschaper in #4857
  • Fix git indention by @yubiuser in #4863
  • Extend FTL information in debug log by @yubiuser in #4864
  • Skip web server dialog if –disable-install-webserver has been passed by @MichaIng in #4843
  • Remove the advanced functionality of the 404 page (Blockpage) by @PromoFaux in #3910
  • Add security-related headers to Pi-hole web interface by @DL6ER in #4862
  • Store versions as key/value pairs rather than space delimeted values by @PromoFaux in #4875
  • Remove the email function by @yubiuser in #4870
  • Add jq as dependency and remove json_extract by @yubiuser in #4878


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