pfSense – Update auf Version 2.1.5 mit neuen Features und Behebung von Sicherheitsfehlern

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Die Entwickler der OpenSource Firewall pfSense, haben die Version 2.1.5 bereit gestellt. Damit wurde diese Version nur kurz nach der 2.1.4 veröffentlicht und ist primär als Sicherheitsupdate anzusehen. Neben den Bugfixen wurden aber auch neue Features integriert. Das Update sollte wenn nicht schon geschehen, zeitnah durchgeführt werden. Es ist relativ einfach über die WebGUI durchzuführen, wobei auf zusätzlich installierte Pakete geachtet werden sollte.


Aus den Release Notes:

Security Fixes

Other Fixes

  • Handle a missing DHCPD config section properly during a configuration upgrade
  • Fix a regression that broke CARP+IP alias VIP functionality
  • Fix the Pass, Block, Reject and Interface filters in the Firewall Logs Widget #3725
  • Use HTTPS for dyndns providers that support it
  • Avoid resetting the firewall hostname from a WAN DHCP server #3746
  • Add missing qlimit keyword in some shaper rules
  • Change Cancel button to call history.back() when editing firewall aliases to fix issues with IE 11 #3728
  • Allow hostnames in bulk import since they are valid entries in a network type alias
  • Fix input validation logic on diag_testport.php, escape more shell arguments for good measure
  • Escape the individual dnsmasq advanced/custom options
  • Encode the detail field of an alias entry before displaying its contents back to the user
  • Encode interface/VIP descriptions before displaying them on the NTP daemon settings, and GIF/GRE interfaces
  • Per the dhcpd.conf man page and other documentation from ISC, mclt must not be defined on the secondary
  • Shorten the wait at “reload” in startup wizard to 5 seconds from 60
  • Do not execute DNS lookups on GET, only pre-fill Host box so the user can press the button to execute
  • Turn alias creation links from DNS lookups into submit buttons for POST
  • Remove javascript alert DNS resolution action from the firewall log view. It was already removed from 2.2, and it’s better not to allow a GET action to perform that action
  • Require click-through POST confirmation when restoring or deleting a configuation from the backup history page
  • Avoid a “Cannot use string offset as an array” error if the packages section of the config is missing
  • Avoid generating an invalid IPsec (racoon) config if the user specified a mobile pool that is too small
  • IPsec phase 2 pinghost was not used if the source IP was a virtual IP address #3798
  • Move dhcp6c log to dhcpd.log #3799
  • Do not reset source and destination port range values when it’s an associated rule created by NAT port forward. #3778
  • Added to list of extensions loaded for filter_var() support.
  • The pfSense PHP module was setting the subnet mask of lo0 to /0, which could break some routes and cause other unintended routing side effects.

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