pfSense 2.4.1 Security und Bugfix Update veröffentlicht

Kurz nach dem großen Update auf 2.4.0 der Open-Source Firewall, pfSense, wurde nun das Security und Bugfix Release 2.4.1 mit vielen Änderungen und Fehlerkorrekturen veröffentlicht.

pfSense Update 2.4.1
pfSense Update 2.4.1

pfSense 2.4.1 Release Notes

Security / Errata

  • Fixes for the set of WPA2 Key Reinstallation Attack issues commonly known as KRACK #7951
  • Changed upgrade handling to use the pkg-static binary to prevent errors when moving to new major FreeBSD version
  • Fixed a VT console race condition panic at boot on VMware platforms (especially ESXi 6.5.0U1) #7925
  • Fixed a bsnmpd problem that causes it to use all available CPU and RAM with the hostres module in cases where disk drives are present without media inserted #6882
  • Fixed an upgrade problem due to FreeBSD 11 removing legacy ada aliases, which caused some older installs to fail when mounting root post-upgrade #7937
  • Changed the boot-time fsck process the ensure the disk is mounted read-only before running fsck in the preen mode.

Known Issues

  • The VLAN changes mentioned in the Interfaces section may prevent PPP sessions from working on VLANs in some cases, see #7981


  • Changed the VLAN interface names to use the ‘dotted’ format of FreeBSD, which is shorter and helps to keep the interface name smaller than the limit (16) This fixes the 4 digit VLAN issues when the NIC name is 6 bytes long.
  • Improved the ‘Assign Interfaces’ console process to automatically stop when there are no more interfaces to assign
  • Improved the ‘Set interface IP address’ console process to accept ‘IP/mask’ notation
  • Fixed wireless client interfaces so they do not reconfigure wireless on a link up event, or else they can get stuck in a loop #7960
  • Fixed setting VLAN Priority in VLAN interface configuration #7748


  • Fixed a problem with the Picture Dashboard widget when it does not have a picture defined #7896
  • Fixed time display for UTC in the NTP Dashboard Widget #7714
  • Fixed an IPsec widget error when it would get back null data after a session ended #6318
  • Improved error checking to prevent dashboard widget parsing errors


  • Added an option for the DNS Resolver (Unbound) to serve expired records from the cache after their TTL expires which can improve speed in some cases #7814
  • Fixed the DNS Resolver (Unbound) to allow snoop from localhost by default, otherwise “dig +trace” or “drill -T” queries from the firewall itself fail #7884


  • Fixed XMLRPC Sync to prevent a lock that would never be unlocked
  • Fixed XMLRPC sync to ensure a proper empty array is returned instead of NULL, so that the last item of a section can be removed without error #7953


  • Fixed Captive Portal voucher test and expire pages #7939
  • Added UEFI 32 and UEFI 64 filenames defined inside a pool to dhcpd.conf #7949
  • Fixed operation of the “Reset All States on WAN IP Change” GUI setting #7921
  • Changed OpenVPN to retry client auth when it fails by default (auth-retry nointeract) #7506
  • Changed the Cryptographic Accelerator module options to allow both the AES-NI and Crypto modules to be loaded at the same time #7810
  • Added URL fingerprinting to the login page CSS
  • Added the device serial/id to the console and SSH menu banner #7968
  • Fixed “Unknown Step Values” in certain RRD graph cases #6860

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