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OpenProject Bugfix und Feature Release 12.2.0

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Die Open-Source Projektmanagement Software OpenProject ist vor ein paar Tagen in Version 12.2.0 erschienen. Die neue Version behebt einige Fehler und bringt die Integration in die Open-Source Cloudlösung Nextcloud.

Dank der Integration von Nextcloud kann in OpenProject aus Arbeitspaketen immer die korrekte Dateien bzw. Dateien geöffnet werden. Dafür ist in Nextcloud unter der jeweiligen Datei ein neuer Reiter “OpenProject”, der die Datei einem Arbeitspaket zuweist oder entfernt.

Nextcloud -OpenProject Integration
Nextcloud -OpenProject Integration

Weitere Neuerungen sind Verbesserungen im Date Picker, die Möglichkeit Zeit für andere User einzutragen bzw. zu loggen und Arbeitspakete mit Benachrichtigungen, außerhalb des Nachrichtencenters, als gelesen zu markieren.

OpenProject Release Notes

  • Changed: Log time for other users [#21754]
  • Changed: Send out an email reply if an incoming email could not be processed correctly [#35823]
  • Changed: Make the empty notification inbox nicer [#40148]
  • Changed: Show the project hierarchy in the project selector [#40286]
  • Changed: OAuth settings of Nextcloud in OpenProject [#40375]
  • Changed: Unify Enterprise Edition pages [#40774]
  • Changed: Keep cached file data up to date [#40892]
  • Changed: Apply style changes to new date picker [#41814]
  • Changed: List file links in Files tab [#41905]
  • Changed: Navigation bar project selection [#41948]
  • Changed: Date picker modal (without duration and non-working days) [#42047]
  • Changed: Add packaged installation support for Ubuntu 22.04 [#42069]
  • Changed: Show banner information in new date picker [#42184]
  • Changed: Change date selection logic in new date picker [#42185]
  • Changed: Link to digital accessiblity statement from ADDITIONAL RESOURCES [#42298]
  • Changed: New attachments style on the work package creation form [#42369]
  • Changed: Enable feature flags by default in the development environment [#42414]
  • Changed: Enable feature flag for storages module on pull preview [#42628]
  • Changed: Map available icons in the files list to relevant file types (in attachments/Nextcloud links) [#42884]
  • Changed: Include work package for which relations are shown when following the “show relations” link [#42898]
  • Changed: Access project dropdown entries via arrow keys [#43118]
  • Changed: Show alert when storage is not added to any project [#43185]
  • Changed: Update NEW FEATURES teaser block on application start page [#43485]
  • Changed: Persist OpenProject notifications to avoid loss of information [#43518]
  • Fixed: Circular dependency can be created [#34928]
  • Fixed: Sorting via “projects” doesn’t work [#37149]
  • Fixed: Quick-add menu not showing on smaller screens [#37539]
  • Fixed: Default status is shown multiple times in new board [#40858]
  • Fixed: “expected at least one error” – Work package errors in dependent work packages not displayed [#40921]
  • Fixed: Openproject docker installation uses port 3000 as the outward-facing port but documentation says 8080 [#41287]
  • Fixed: Deleted users are not properly anonymized in tagged messages [#41499]
  • Fixed: Cannot inline-create a work package on views that filter by WP ID [#41667]
  • Fixed: In team planner and calendar, the sidebar should not use the word “views” [#41830]
  • Fixed: Distances in work package details tabs inconsistent [#41845]
  • Fixed: Blank Email reminders page when creating account manually [#41851]
  • Fixed: Cannot add attachment to existing comment [#41940]
  • Fixed: Closed cards in the team planner behave strangely [#42413]
  • Fixed: Project appearing twice in Dropdown List if Project Member has two or more roles [#42477]
  • Fixed: Date picker gets cut when there is no scroll [#42748]
  • Fixed: Packager builds failing since gem bump [#42871]
  • Fixed: Custom action button in combination with parallel changes leads to conflicting modification error [#42878]
  • Fixed: Attachments are assigned to the wrong Work Package [#42933]
  • Fixed: Navigation Link Not Working [#42984]
  • Fixed: Unable to create child work package [#42988]
  • Fixed: Size of dropdowns in work-package list too small especially for project hierarchy [#43083]
  • Fixed: Internal server error when navigating to the work package module (page size) [#43120]
  • Fixed: webhook is not working [#43129]
  • Fixed: Split screen persistent with empty state switching toggle from All to Unread [#43146]
  • Fixed: Missing plural in user settings -> access tokens [#43151]
  • Fixed: Fix storage admin breadcrumbs [#43153]
  • Fixed: Two English language [#43192]
  • Fixed: Remove OAuth cookie after successful authorization against Nextcloud [#43193]
  • Fixed: Project export confusingly uses “Work packages export limit” setting [#43202]
  • Fixed: Mobile: The right margin for the files list is not correct [#43207]
  • Fixed: Double click to open work packages in the Team Planner [#43222]
  • Fixed: Able to set a follower starting before its predecessor [#43223]
  • Fixed: Migration::MigrationUtils::PermissionAdder.add not idempotent [#43231]
  • Fixed: imap ssl settings are evaluated as booleans when they are strings [#43237]
  • Fixed: Work Package Releation entry not styling type properly [#43239]
  • Fixed: Work packages in Gantt chart in light grey hard to see [#43240]
  • Fixed: Work package types with colour white are not visible in emails [#43247]
  • Fixed: Can not find users with the user creation/invitation form [#43257]
  • Fixed: The list style in the “Nextcloud” section is not correct [#43259]
  • Fixed: Remove hover effect on files list when there is a connection error to Nextcloud [#43260]
  • Fixed: The space between the form and the buttons on the 2nd and 3rd step of Nextcloud OAuth settings is not correct [#43263]
  • Fixed: Can not access the main actions on work package on mobile from the details view [#43296]
  • Fixed: Mobile: The right margin for activity comments is not correct [#43304]
  • Fixed: Wrong positioning of workers in notification [#43306]
  • Fixed: (Mobile) Clicking on notification row does not scroll to activity [#43311]
  • Fixed: Project name overflows header on mobile [#43314]
  • Fixed: Info boxes in the Administration are not shown correctly [#43320]
  • Fixed: Nextcloud: Validation error in New storage – Host field [#43323]
  • Fixed: Project field limited to 30 items [#43386]
  • Fixed: Start date automatically entered by default on new work packages [#43429]
  • Fixed: There is no empty status in the Project Select when search criteria is not met [#43479]
  • Fixed: Focus status on the Project Selector has no background [#43482]
  • Fixed: Invalid link/href returned by API [#43486]
  • Fixed: Show better error for dependent result for StoragesController Create action [#43487]
  • Fixed: Date picker not working as expected for UTC time hour minus [#43504]
  • Fixed: “No SSL” option in packaged installation of 12.2 does not work [#43530]
  • Fixed: Focus and selection different for project selection component [#43544]
  • Fixed: First greyed out item is selected in project dropdown [#43545]
  • Fixed: Time entry widget column translations missing [#43558]
  • Fixed: Disable LDAP user status synchronization by default [#43561]
  • Fixed: Datepicker jumps with negative time zone [#43562]
  • Epic: Files tab that shows linked files in Nextcloud [#40203]
  • Epic: Settings connection between Nextcloud and OpenProject (OAuth) [#42072]

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