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Green Hell Hotfix v.2.3.2

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Entwickler Creepy Jar hat das Hotfix v.2.3.2 veröffentlicht.



  • The animation of being stung doesn’t loop while being close to multiple beehives
  • The weight of the Queen Bee item has been adjusted
  • All assets in the Story Mode ‘good ending’ final cutscene are now displayed properly
  • Animals should no longer escape or disappear from the Pen
  • HP of animals no longer resets after a reload
  • Right clicking on Expand Menu no longer causes Jake to aim with the Blowpipe
  • Changing weapons when holding a Kid no longer causes errors
  • Error occuring when approaching the Altar from ‘Poisoned Water’ legend has been fixed
  • Animals’ trust no longer stops increasing in multiplayer sessions
  • Cooldown of gaining Trust by petting an animal no longer resets after a reload
  • Cooldown of gaining Sanity by petting an animal no longer resets after a reload
  • Controller inputs no longer get blocked after skipping the Tutorial
  • Animals no longer despawn from the Pen after a reload
  • Guanabana fruit can now be fed to animals
  • Tied Animals no longer duplicate after being killed in a multiplayer session
  • Animal droppings found in the jungle now spawn properly
  • Animals no longer randomly lose trust when walking in the Pen
  • The Queen Bee item no longer disappears when dragged out of inventory
  • The rate of Animal Droppings being spawned inside the Pen has been reduced
  • Animal are now able to escape the Pen when the door is open
  • It is no longer possible to endlessly increase Blowgun skill by shooting at a Honeycomb
  • The errors which occured on leaving the game while carrying an animal have been fixed
  • Animals should now require less food to survive

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