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openHAB 3.4.0 Milestone 6

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Die Entwickler der Open-Source Smarthomelösung für verschiedene Anbieter openHAB, erhielt den Milestone 6, welcher Verbesserungen und Fixes für die kommende Stable Version enthält.

openHAB 3.4.0 Milestone 6 Release Notes

New Add-ons

The following add-ons are newly introduced:

Qolsys IQBinding#13699

The following improvements were made:


Enhancements2887Add an access-tracking cache to be used in rules
2891Add WebSocket for receiving events
3139Add actions/commands to synthesize melodies and add configurable melody to the dialog processor
3145Add countSince/countBetween to persistence extensions
3147Upgrade Californium to 2.7.4
3151Allow profiles to access the entire context of the link they’re applied to
3160Allow running rules with context
3187DSL support for sharedCache/privateCache
3201Improve UoM handling
3211Add countStateChangesSince/countStateChangesBetween to persistence extensions
Bug Fixes3162Fix bug in migrateThingType to not call managed thing provider directly
3168Refactor script dependency tracking
3178Fix transformRaw validation errors in DSL rules
3180Wrap ScriptEngine executions in a SafeCaller
3182Return the precise scheduled execution time for timers
3185Fix ScriptFileWatcher for entire directories
3188Fix CME when creating SCRIPT transformations
3190Fix start dialog with non default voice (broken recently)
3197Fix DSL action classes regression
3202Fix AVG calculation in GroupFunction
3204Fix timer cancellation in automation cache
3208Fix DataAmount dimension units
3213Fix default unit for Energy
3215Fix NPE in PersistentInbox
3216Fix AbstractScriptFileWatcher missing deletes on Windows


androiddebugbridgeBug Fixes13828Fix volume channel for android 11/12
astroBug Fixes13884Fix IllegalArgumentException in debug message
boschshcEnhancements13760Support smoke detector
ecowattEnhancements13823Add channels for Day+2 and Day+3
enoceanBug Fixes13792Fix messages with MSC RORG
evccEnhancements13795Extend accepted types for commands & Handle quantity types of commands
groovyscriptingEnhancements13822Update Groovy to 3.0.13
homekitEnhancements13484Persist all known accessories, to prevent loss of homekit information
13564Add BasicFan accessory
13788Support stop for blinds
13878Implement basic command completion
homematicBug Fixes13821Fix min/max values for rollershutters
ipcameraEnhancements13805Instar API updates for new 2k+ range
Bug Fixes13896Add a check to see if FFmpeg is frozen for mjpeg creation
jdbcEnhancements13765Add console command for checking/repairing schema integrity
13770Update PostgreSQL JDBC driver to 42.4.3
13797Add safety valve for suspicious migrations
Bug Fixes13817Fix Derby/H2/HSQLDB/SQLite queries for storing timestamps
13843Fix date filter to be inclusive (PostgreSQL)
13850Fix date filter to be inclusive (Derby)
jrubyscriptingEnhancements13779Allow multiple version specifiers for gems
13810Implement dependency tracking
jsscriptingEnhancements13844Refactor log formatting & Respect toString polyfills
13851Add an alternative MIME type/alias
13908Upgrade openhab-js & Remove SharedCache
Bug Fixes13756Refactor dependency tracking
13824Fix memory leak that crashes openHAB
knxBug Fixes13897Improve handling of serial gateways
lifxBug Fixes13744Set tagged flag accordingly for unicast and broadcast messages
livisismarthomeEnhancements13883Fix checkstyle
mieleEnhancements13841Migrate time channels from DateTime to Number:Time
miioEnhancements13806Add support Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact
Bug Fixes13715Cloud login issues improvement
mqttBug Fixes13621Avoid parallel streams with common thread pool to avoid deadlocks
mqtt.espmilightEnhancements13578Automatically convert color values to color temp
NanoleafEnhancements13746Add new channel: State
13865Add LONG_PRESSED tap detection
13881Support lines in visualization
13893More color for less network calls
netatmoBug Fixes13854Improve bridge status messages in case of service outage
nibeheatpumpBug Fixes13752Support 16-bit addressing
openwebnetEnhancements13694Add support for Alarm (WHO=5)
Bug Fixes13803Thermo: zone/CU address set correctly during discovery
plugwisehaEnhancements13833Add channel return temp
Bug Fixes13832Fix set the scene for a zone
resolBug Fixes13753Fix handling of WeekTime fields on vbus
shellyEnhancements13520Plus 1/1PM Add-On support; fix roller pos on open/close state
siemensrdsBug Fixes13888Binding no longer fails if thermostat does not use optional features
somfytahomaEnhancements13411Add support for the control over the LAN (local mode)
systeminfoEnhancements13804QuantityTypes and state descriptions cleanup
TapocontrolEnhancements13814Add support for L610, L630 and L930
tplinksmarthomeEnhancements13818Add support for TP-Link KP401 Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug
TR064Bug Fixes13894Fix pattern excluding some valid ip-addresses
unifiEnhancements13827Migrate uptime channels to Number:Time
vitotronicEnhancements13739Add channel “currentmode” to thing “circuit”
13898Fix few thing/channel labels/descriptions
wundergroundupdatereceiverBug Fixes13327Regenerate trigger channel with proper type and more metadata and normalize channel names

User Interfaces

Basic UIBug Fixes1548Fix the color picker
Main UIEnhancements1539Update GA metadata to current state
1545New sub-component for oh-cards footers to allow several text layouts
1549Add new list, item, persistence, text blocks
1554Fix canvas layout display in full screen.
1556Add possibility to edit JSON variable keys in widgets
1557Add robots.txt to disallow search crawler
1558Extend default standalone/item/cell widget selection
Bug Fixes1559Fix items disappear from model if stateDescription is added
1564Fix oh-trend sampling property

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