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openHAB 3.4.0 Milestone 4 veröffentlicht

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Die Entwickler der Open-Source Smarthomelösung für verschiedene Anbieter openHAB, erhielt den Milestone 4, welcher Verbesserungen und Fixes für die kommende Stable Version enthält.

openHAB 3.4.0 Milestone4 Release Notes


  • Warning: Automower Binding: Due to Husqvarna Authentication API change, bridge now requires application secret instead of username and password. Delete any existing bridge and re-add it, please make sure to update all automower things to use the newly added bridge.
  • Warning: JS Scripting Automation: ‘setTimeout’ and ‘setInterval’ return a timerId (a positive integer value) as in standard JS instead of an openHAB Timer.
  • Warning: Konnected Binding: Things needs to be recreated because of added Konnected Pro panel support and manual configuration of things.
  • Warning: LG webOS Binding: The undocumented action “sendRCButton” was removed while it is possible to achieve the same action with “sendButton”
  • Warning: Miele@home Binding: The channel ‘start’ now contains date and time for start of scheduled program.Previously it was counting down duration until the program would start.
  • Warning: Velux Binding: On window things the semantic category of the position channel has been corrected from ‘blinds’ to ‘window’. Window things with such channels that had been created via the UI will need to be deleted and re-created.

New Add-ons

The following add-ons are newly introduced with the 3.4 release:


The following improvements were made:


Enhancements2985Add semantics query endpoint to item resource
3100Allow stop single dialogs and start dialog on an existing processor
3106Grant implicit user role by network
3108Support mired units
3111Implement command completion in console for openhab command
3113Add more basic time-related classes for usage in script and rules
3115Allow sending QuantityType to NumberItem
3116Allow sending IncreaseDecreaseType directly to DimmerItem
3129Update system.color-temperature-abs channel type to be a Number:Temperature
3138Add DateTime handling to ItemStateConditionHandler
Bug Fixes3110Fix AuthFilter crash if trusted network not configured
3124Properly process retained messages
3134Fix invertible unit conversions when sent via a binding
3136Fix ItemStateCondition for PercentType values
3137Avoid parallel streams with common thread pool to avoid deadlocks


ahawastecollectionEnhancements13342Upgrade jsoup from 1.14.3 to 1.15.3
benqprojectorBug Fixes13549Log invalid number when expecting numeric response from projector
boschshcEnhancements13533Support for Compact Smart Plugs (#13528)
broadlinkthermostatEnhancements13412Aesthetic rename and add RM Mini
easeeBug Fixes13527Fix number conversion error
13654Adapt date parser due to changes in easeeAPI
epsonprojectorBug Fixes13550Log invalid number when expecting numeric response from projector
freeboxEnhancements13591Console command completion
gceBug Fixes13526Avoid conflicts with things file defined
13545Update file based items
groheondusEnhancements11955Fix missing automatic refresh ++
hdpowerviewEnhancements13571Add support for Skyline Panels
13574Add support for Duette and Applause Skylift shades
13615Add console extension for showing IDs
homeconnectBug Fixes13653Fix login for simulator environment
homekitEnhancements13507Fix BooleanItemReader to work with DimmerItems
13508Allow configuring maxValue on VOCDensity
13538increase flexibility of ColorTemperature
13566Improve bundle deactivation time
13569Improve output of console’s homekit show command
homematicBug Fixes13626Some HM devices are using relative humidity (% rH/rF) as units
hueEnhancements11842Change discovery to mDNS; added HTTPS handling; refactor HTTPClient to use jetty shared client
13597Console command completion
ipcameraBug Fixes13606Fix multiple WARNs when HIK camera does not support alarm inputs
ipobserverEnhancements13343Upgrade jsoup from 1.14.3 to 1.15.3
jdbcEnhancements13038Upgrade derby from to
13544Add support for case sensitive table names reflecting item names 1:1
Bug Fixes13660Fix MySQL deprecation notice on startup
jellyfinBug Fixes13572Upgrade sdk, fixes json parse error
jinjaEnhancements13344Upgrade jsoup from 1.14.3 to 1.15.3
jpaBug Fixes13532Fix Derby driver no longer included
jrubyscriptingEnhancements13548Do not manually filter presets.
jsscriptingEnhancements13576Name timers created by polyfills
13623Reimplement timer polyfills to conform standard JS
Bug Fixes13565Upgrade openhab-js to 2.0.4
13582Fix multi-thread access
knxEnhancements13293Improve localization
kostalinverterEnhancements13490Fix for the Kostal inverter binding to work with different firmware releases regarded to PIKO 10-20 V. 221004
lgwebosEnhancements13590Console command completion
13618Actions: Remove sendButton updated, sendRCButton, add sendKeyboard
linkyEnhancements13589Console command completion
linuxinputBug Fixes13632Handle keys not known by libevdev
MAPEnhancements13560Add fallback to original value when input not found
meaterEnhancements13601Add console extension for showing IDs
mielecloudBug Fixes13613Fix missing web resource unregistration
miioEnhancements12803Add support for Dreame L10 Pro vacuum cleaner (p2029)
Bug Fixes13111Fix warning messages and discovery on newer robots
13554Correct channel ambientBrightness to type Dimmer for Yeelight Screen Light Bar
mqttEnhancements13575Support mired<->Kelvin unit conversion
13604Set the proper unit in the state description
mqtt.homeassistantEnhancements13413Support non-RGB lights

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