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OctoPrint 3D Control und Monitoring Bugfix Release 1.9.1 veröffentlicht

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Die webbasierte Open-Source Software zur remote Kontrolle und Steuerung von 3D-Druckern, OctoPrint ( erhielt das Update 1.9.0.

OctoPrint 3D Control und Monitoring 1.9.1 Release Notes


The heads-ups from 1.9.0 still apply, please read this release’s release notes as well for a full picture of what you should be aware of and what changed!

Issues while updating?

On every new OctoPrint release we see some people run into the same issues with outdated or broken environments all over again. If you encounter a problem during update, please check this collection of the most common issues encountered over the past couple of release cycles first, and test if the included fixes solve your problem.



  • #4821: Defer sending of M20 until after the capability report has been received by default, instead of defaulting to sending it right away. Most firmwares out there now should be sending capability reports, and for those that don’t, the setting can still be manually set to false.

Bug fixes

  • #4818: Fix broken/erroring plugin sorting if a list of SortablePlugins and non sortable plugins gets processed in the same sorting context.
  • #4829: Fix URL used by the GCode Viewer’s worker to fetch info about the file to be rendered. It was not supporting custom prefixes on the URL yet (e.g., now it does.
  • #4834: Fix a bug in the GCode Viewer that resulted in a print not being rendered when loaded while the tab of the viewer was not focused.
  • #4824: Fix potential webcam unload/load switching when scrolling on the control tab. Could not always be triggered, but apparently was seen under some circumstances.
  • Fix the reload button of the GCode Viewer
  • Fix a bug in the GCode Viewer causing layers that were empty in one file causing that layer to not be rendered in all consecutively loaded files, until a page reload.

Special thanks to all the contributors!

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this bugfix release, especially to @cp2004 and @JoveToo for their PRs!

More information

  • Commits
  • As this is a bugfix release, there were no release candidates

Quelle: Release 1.9.1 · OctoPrint/OctoPrint · GitHub

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