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Paint.Net 5.0.6 veröffentlicht

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Die freie Bildbearbeitungssoftware für Windows Paint.NET ist in Version 5.0.6 erschienen. Die behebt Fehler führt Änderungen durch und bringt Neuerungen. Es gibt zwei Versionen, die im Microsoft Store, die empfohlen wird oder die klassische Desktop Version aus dem Webinstaller. Einen portablen Installer gibt es zudem auf GitHub.

Paint.Net v5.0.6 Changelog

  • New: Ctrl+Shift+Page Up/Down can now be used to switch between tabs
  • Improved: The selection highlight is now hidden when the Layer Properties dialog is open
  • Improved: The Move Selection Tool will not be forced to commit its state when the image is being saved, thus preserving history entries
  • Changed the icon for Contiguous mode (Magic Wand and Paint Bucket tools) to have better contrast with the icon for Global mode
  • Fixed: Shortcut keys are now listed for the tooltips in the Layers and History windows and for the selection combine modes in the toolbar. The help text for the Magic Wand and Paint Bucket tools also notes that holding Shift will use Global mode.
  • Fixed the Edit -> Copy and Copy Merged menu items from being incorrectly enabled when no image is open
  • Fixed an issue where the selection highlight would not appear in some cases
  • Fixed some rare rendering artifacts for GPU plugins when using the CPU for rendering
  • Fixed an infinite loop when using BoltBait’s Apply Mask twice, on two separate images with a different number of layers
  • Removed the /setenv command-line argument
  • Updated the bundled DDSFileTypePlus plugin to v1.11.9.0 (thanks @null54!)

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