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Notepad++ Bugfix Release 7.5.5

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Der freie Code und Texteditor Notepad++ wurde Ende Februar in Version 7.5.5 veröffentlicht. Das Update behebt einige Fehler und führt Verbesserungen durch.

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Notepad++ 7.5.5 Release Notes

  1. Restore 2 buttons “<< Find Previous” & “Find Next >>” in Find dialog (optional).
  2. Fix monitored (tail -f) file not always updated issue.
  3. Keep Doc Switcher’s ordering in sync with Tab bar.
  4. Shortcut Mapper enhancements: Add filter capacity and make dialog resizable and maximizable.
  5. Fix for “Toggle Single Line Comment” malfunctioning with HTML/XML.
  6. Make Unix style path (slashes) work in open file dialog (optional).
  7. Fix tab sticks to mouse pointer problem after external update of a opened file.
  8. Fix encoding not sync (on status bar) after reloading.
  9. Fix menu items’ state is not maintained due to save macro command.
  10. Fix line ending changes are not detected in reloaded changed files issue.
  11. Fix highlighting of <script> tags in XML files issue.
  12. Fix Unicode file name comparison to match Windows behaviour (as opposed to doing a linguistic filename comparison).

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