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Nextcloud Desktop Client Bugfix Release 3.5.1

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Der Desktop Client der Nextcloud erhielt das Update 3.5.1. Dieses hebt ca. 22 Fehler und sorgt so für mehr Stabilität.

Nextcloud Desktop Client Bugfix 3.5.1 Release Notes

  • desktop#4486 [stable-3.5] Add new and correct sparkle update signature
  • desktop#4489 [stable-3.5] l10n: Remove string from translation
  • desktop#4490 [stable-3.5] l10n: Changed triple dot to ellipsis
  • desktop#4491 [stable-3.5] Ensure cache is stored in default cache location
  • desktop#4492 [stable-3.5] Updating command-rebase.yml workflow from template
  • desktop#4493 [stable-3.5] Remove “…” from “Create Debug Archive” button
  • desktop#4494 [stable-3.5] docs: Replace “preceded” with “followed”
  • desktop#4511 [stable-3.5] only add OCS-APIREQUEST header for 1st request of webflow v1
  • desktop#4514 [stable-3.5] Make the script more verbose for easier debugging
  • desktop#4515 [stable-3.5] Revamp notifications for macOS and add support for actionable update notifications
  • desktop#4537 [stable-3.5] Use proper online status for user (‘dnd’, ‘online’, ‘invisible’, etc.) to enable or disable desktop notifications.
  • desktop#4538 [stable-3.5] Bugfix. Take root folder’s files size into account when displaying the total size in selective sync dialog.
  • desktop#4539 [stable-3.5] Fix activity list item issues with colours/layout/etc.
  • desktop#4541 [stable-3.5] Bugfix/allow manual rename files with spaces
  • desktop#4544 [stable-3.5] Fixed share link expiration box being ineditable and always attempting to set invalid date
  • desktop#4545 [stable-3.5] Fix crashing of finder sync extension caused by dispatch_source_cancel of nullptr
  • desktop#4546 [stable-3.5] Simplify and remove the notification “cache”
  • desktop#4547 [stable-3.5] Fix tray icon not displaying “Open main dialog”
  • desktop#4548 [stable-3.5] if an exclude file is deleted, skip it and remove it from internal list
  • desktop#4549 [stable-3.5] Bugfix/two factor notification
  • desktop#4550 [stable-3.5] Fix visual borking in the share dialog
  • desktop#4555 [stable-3.5] add explicit capture for lambda

Quelle: Releases · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

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