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Nextcloud Desktop Client 3.5.3 veröffentlicht

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Die Entwickler des Nextcloud Desktop Clients, haben das Bugfix Release 3.5.3 veröffentlicht. Das Update behebt 20 Fehler, darunter unter Gnome, Windows mit den Notifications und MacOS.

Nextcloud Desktop Client 3.5.3 Bugfix Release

  • desktop#4726 [stable-3.5] Fix the system tray menu not being correctly replaced in setupContextMenu on GNOME
  • desktop#4727 [stable-3.5] Ensure call notification stays on top of other windows
  • desktop#4729 [stable-3.5] Work around issues with window positioning on Linux DEs, hardcode tray window to screen center when new account added
  • desktop#4731 [stable-3.5] Clean up systray methods, make more QML-friendly
  • desktop#4739 [stable-3.5] Refactor tray window opening code for clarity and efficiency
  • desktop#4740 [stable-3.5] Only set _FORTIFY_SOURCE when a higher level of this flag has not been set
  • desktop#4741 [stable-3.5] Limit concurrent notifications
  • desktop#4742 [stable-3.5] Take ints by value rather than reference in UserModel methods
  • desktop#4743 [stable-3.5] Respect skipAutoUpdateCheck in nextcloud.cfg with Sparkle on macOS
  • desktop#4744 [stable-3.5] Use preprocessor directive rather than normal ‘if’ for UNNotification types
  • desktop#4745 [stable-3.5] QML-ify the UserModel, use properties rather than setter methods
  • desktop#4750 [stable-3.5] Fix ActivityItemContent QML paintedWidth errors
  • desktop#4763 [stable-3.5] Stop clearing notifications when new notifications are received
  • desktop#4764 [stable-3.5] Ensure debug archive contents are readable by any user
  • desktop#4765 [stable-3.5] Stop styling QML unified search items hierarchically, use global Style constants
  • desktop#4766 [stable-3.5] Update macOS Info.plist
  • desktop#4767 [stable-3.5] print sync direction in SyncFileStatusTracker::slotAboutToPropagate
  • desktop#4772 [stable-3.5] Remove Ubuntu Impish, add Kinetic
  • desktop#4775 [stable-3.5] Ensure that throttled notifications still appear in tray activity model
  • desktop#4783 [stable-3.5] Make apps menu scrollable when content taller than available vertical space, preventing borking of layout

Quelle: Releases · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

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