Nextcloud App Polls 3.7.0 veröffentlicht

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Die App Polls erhielt vor wenigen Tagen das Update 3.7.0. Es bringt 2 neue Features und behebt mehr als 6 Fehler.

Nextcloud Polls 3.7.0 Release Notes


  • User setting for conflict check (hours before and after an option to search for conflicts)
  • Add admin option to prevent email address exposing of internal users


  • Poll export, if the owner did not vote
  • Poll export was broken, when certain characters were present in the poll title
  • Handling of recurring calendar events (NC24)
  • Removed error message in log triggered from user search when adding share
  • Fixed calendar conflict search for recurring events (NC24)
  • Personal public shares gor intinite redirected


  • Switch to new calendar API (NC24)
  • replaces icons with material design icons
  • generate a unique user id for public users
  • Less noise in the registration dialog


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