Notepad++ 8.4.3 Crash und Bugfix Release

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Der beliebte kostenlose Text- und Codeeditor, erhielt das Update 8.4.3. Das Update behebt ca. 15 Fehler, darunter auch einen der zum Absturz von Notepad++ führen kann.

Notepad++ 8.4.3 Release Notes

  1. Add an option which allows to show only 1 entry per found line in search result. (Fix #2481#1499#5547#2987#4525#3224)
  2. Make EOL (CRLF) display customizable (via Editing section of Preferences dialog). (Fix #11413)
  3. Add 2 more shortcuts “plus” (new file) and “arrow” (drop down list of opened files) buttons on menu bar. (Fix #11229)
  4. Update Lexilla to 5.1.7 & Scintilla to 5.2.3 and use new API for large files. (Implement #11734)
  5. Fix Find in files performance regression since updating Scintilla 5. (Fix #11814)
  6. Add dark mode support for plugins – support dark mode for plugins with docking GUI. (Fix #11710, implement #11767)
  7. Fix a crash issue due to opening an empty .NFO file. (Fix #11820)
  8. Fix language fonts regression in Style Configurator (make font definition possible again). (Fix #11786)
  9. Add NPPM_CREATELEXER message for plugins to instantiate lexers. (Fix #11789)
  10. Enhance dark mode (edge colors). (Fix #11207#11376)
  11. Fix “CMD Here” command open Explorer issue. (Fix #11818)
  12. Fix crash issue of “Style Configurator…” command if “stylers.xml” is absent. (Fix #11812)
  13. Fix Selected text changes color issue when editor window loses focus. (Fix #11743)
  14. Skip save all warning dialog if only current editing file is dirty. (Fix #10995)
  15. Fix a small regression in DebugInfo dialog. (Fix #11752)

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