Nextcloud 12 – App Kontakt 2.0.0 veröffentlicht

Die integrierte App Kontakte in der Open-Source Nextcloud wurde in Version 2.0.0 veröffentlicht. Das Update behebt diverse kleinere Fehler wie in den Gruppen oder beim auslesen von Kontakten und führt mehr als 12 Verbesserungen ein.

Nextcloud 12 Kontakt App 2.0.0 Release


  • Introducing lazy loading, faster initial loading #88
  • Sorting of contacts is now possible #121
  • Addressbook list design improved #101
  • New import progress screen #123
  • You can now choose which addressbook to import to #123
  • Better errors notifications: corrupted avatar, contact not found, contact save failure, no write permission on shared addressbook #281 #265 #114
  • You can now rename addressbooks #172
  • Contacts menu integration #173
  • Some cards are automatically fixed #137
  • Show ORG as name if the card is an organisation #320
  • New fields gender #214, relationship #315

Major fixes:

  • New groups don’t split into letters anymore #191
  • PUT requests in the dav lib now use the correct content-type #197
  • Contact no longer disappear on addressbook move #289
  • Groups and contacts update on addressbook deletion #288
  • Prevent errors with read-only contacts #299


  • Various bug fixes
  • Various design fixes

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