Sophos XG Firewall 16.05.08 MR8 Release

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Sophos hat für die XG Firewall die Firmware in Version 16.05.8 MR8 veröffentlicht. Diese behebt folgende 15 Fehler:

Sophos XG 16.05.8 MR8 Release Notes

  • NC-21404 [Authentication] Authentication Agent – getting logged out automatically at random time
  • NC-21538 [Authentication] STAS user login getting failed because access_server is assigning existing liveuserid to new login user
  • NC-19642 [Base System] Apache httpd vulnerabilties (CVE-2017-3169, CVE-2017-7679)
  • NC-19915 [Base System] Add support for newer SG210,SG230,SG310,SG330,SG430,SG450,SG550 and SG650 models in SFOS
  • NC-21583 [Base System] Up2date patterns status is shown as “Failed” in 16.05 MR7
  • NC-22018 [Base System] Openssl update for v16.05
  • NC-22059 [Firewall] SSL decryption should not be enabled by the wizard
  • NC-19646 [IPS] i40e driver version 1.1.23 doesn’t work properly with 4x10G ports
  • NC-21712 [IPS] IPS service not starting in v16.05 MR7
  • NC-21566 [Mail Proxy] Inbound emails stopped in legacy mode after upgrade to 16.05 MR-7
  • NC-18875 [Networking] USB devices not reconnecting after reboot
  • NC-20763 [RED] RED15w does not send split DNS traffic over RED tunnel
  • NC-20531 [SecurityHeartbeat] Server certificate expired – all clients will be marked as RED
  • NC-22152 [Web] NTLM channel re-initiated repeatedly on booting the appliance
  • NC-21548 [Wireless] API for Wireless Network Enable/Disable


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