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MediaWiki Extension Security Updates 1.35.6 1.36.4 und 1.37.2

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Mit den Releases MediaWiki 1.35.6 – 1.36.4 und 1.37.2 haben die Entwickler auch diverse Extension aktualisiert und Sicherheitslücken geschlossen.

== Echo ==
+ (T285116, CVE-2022-28324) – Echo does not set X-Forwarded-For for
internal API requests, some of which get logged to CU

== GrowthExperiments ==
+ (T298019, CVE-2022-28326) – i18n XSS in GrowthExperiments suggested edits

== MobileFrontend ==
+ (T298581, CVE-2022-28325) – Mobile version of Special:Contributions leaks
existence of globally suppressed users

== SecurePoll ==
+ (T298434, CVE-2022-28323) – SecurePoll leaks voter’s exact vote timestamp

== FileImporter ==
+ (T294256, CVE-2022-28206) – FileImporter allows imports to cascade
protected files when the importer does not have administrator permissions

== GrowthExperiments ==
+ (T298312, CVE-2022-28207) – Special:Impact leaks suppressed usernames

== CentralAuth ==
+ (T302248, CVE-2022-28205) – CentralAuth expiring global groups do not

== Wikibase ==
+ (T302215, CVE-2022-28208) – HTML injection / XSS from i18n message in
WikibaseClient edit hook

== JsonConfig ==
+ (T302192, CVE-2021-28210) – Data fields in Commons tabular datasets allow
running arbitrary JS

== TimedMediaHandler ==
+ (T160800, CVE-2022-28211) – TimedMediaHandler doesn’t prevent blocked
users from restarting transcodes

== AntiSpoof ==
+ (T304126, CVE-2022-28209) – One of the checks for ‘override-antispoof’
permission is inverted

== FlaggedRevs ==
+ (T304354, CVE-2022-28212) – It is impossible to oversight who has
reviewed a revision via FlaggedRevs

== CentralAuth ==
+ (T226212, CVE-2022-28322) – Global rename log shows timestamp of
suppressed action

The Wikimedia Security Team recommends updating these extensions and/or
skins to the current master branch or relevant, supported release branch
[2] as soon as possible. Some of the referenced Phabricator tasks above
_may_ still be private. Unfortunately, when security issues are reported,
sometimes sensitive information is exposed and since Phabricator is
historical, we cannot make these tasks public without exposing this
sensitive information. If you have any additional questions or concerns
regarding this update, please feel free to contact
or file a security task within Phabricator [3].


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