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Joomla 3.8.3 Bugfix Release

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Die Entwickler des CMS Joomla, haben das Bugfix Release in Version 3.8.3, veröffentlicht. Es behebt über 60 Fehler und führt Verbesserungen durch.

So wurde der TinyMCE-Editor auf Version 4.5.8 aktualisierut und die bisherigen Kompatibilitätsprobleme mit PHP 7.2, gelöst. Weiterhin unterstützt Joomla nun weitere Download-Quellen / Server

Joomla Bugfix Release 3.8.3
Joomla Bugfix Release 3.8.3

Joomla 3.8.3 Release Notes

  • Undefined variable $app and $data fixed. Fixes
  • bug] Multilingual: Show articles associations also displays the current item flag/langcode PR-staging
  • iframe accessibility PR-staging
  • Removed duplicated entry PR-staging
  • Modern routing – remove view from query string PR-staging Unit/System Tests
  • [3.8] Updated Composer dependencies Composer Dependency Changed PR-staging
  • Restore Tab functionality in forms with calendars PR-staging
  • Fix fatal error in getCategoryId method in several router classes PR-staging
  • Tiny code improvement to ContentModelArticle PR-staging
  • Remove NONE value from category blog multiple tags filter PR-staging
  • [#18964] Tag filter in blog category with pagination selects wrong page on start of new user session PR-staging
  • Eliminate crippling performance of content search plugin for large sites with custom fields PR-staging
  • [com_fields] Consider the show label flag on contacts PR-staging
  • [com_fields] Translate the label of the user custom fields in the contact page PR-staging
  • Fix copy paste in docs PR-staging
  • Remove redundant words Language Change PR-staging
  • Save default field values [com_fields] PR-staging
  • [com_banners] – fix for long alias display PR-staging
  • Plugin Modal: Apply (save) button + normalize PR-staging
  • Fix for the Menu presets PR-staging
  • Support for multiple download sources on update servers PR-staging
  • Removed duplicated entry. PR-staging
  • PHP 7.2 Compat – Fix count() uses PR-staging
  • [CS] Code Style fixes for administrator/components/com_newsfeeds/ PR-staging
  • [CS] Code Style fixes for administrator/components/com_login/ PR-staging
  • [CS] Code Style fixes for administrator/components/com_media/ PR-staging
  • [CS] Code Style fixes for administrator/components/com_menus/ PR-staging
  • [CS] Code Style fixes for administrator/components/com_joomlaupdate/ PR-staging
  • [CS] Code Style fixes for administrator/components/com_languages/ PR-staging
  • [CS] Code Style fixes for administrator/components/com_modules/ PR-staging
  • [CS] Code Style fixes for administrator/components/com_messages/ PR-staging
  • [CS] Code Style fixes for administrator/components/com_redirect/ PR-staging
  • Optimized PSR-4 namespace prefix search PR-staging Unit/System Tests
  • Allow to connect to redis by socket PR-staging
  • [com_fields] Multilanguage: fixing display of fields when the item concerned is set to ALL PR-staging
  • Admin menu module – fix preset modern for postgresql PR-staging
  • Update Tinymce 4.5.8 PR-staging
  • Add forum ID to language string Language Change PR-staging
  • Edit article – add a tag by pressing enter or regular comma PR-staging
  • Update manual configuration.php file PR-staging
  • Frontend module editing opens in default template PR-staging
  • Create LESS breakpoint variables PR-staging
  • fix com_redirect modal close behavior (for redirect plugin) PR-staging
  • [com_fields] Send the context when indexing an article PR-staging
  • Fix Array to string conversion in Admin Contacts Modal PR-staging
  • [com_mailto] Fix send duplicate email on internet explorer PR-staging
  • [com_cache] advanced permissions ACL reports PR-staging
  • Required fields cleanup PR-staging
  • User profile form is prepated twice in frontend. #18065 PR-staging
  • ISIS template text separator in mobile view PR-staging
  • Datepicker with 12 hour time format midnight error PR-staging
  • Redundant CSS – Search module PR-staging
  • Improve the English Language Change PR-staging
  • [com_associations] – use cache for getContentLanguages() PR-staging
  • [com_modules] – super user exception PR-staging
  • Update references to label in description to match label name Language Change PR-staging
  • Make sure the view exists before adding it to the menu lookup array, remove PHP Notices PR-staging
  • Fix popover hidden behind modal header PR-staging
  • Adjust version attribute in package manifest Language Change PR-staging
  • [Fix] Strength meter not working within password form field PR-staging
  • Corrects attribute order in implode() function PR-staging


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