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Kunena Bugfix Release 5.0.12

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Das Open-Source Forum für das CMS Joomla, hat das Update 5.0.12 erhalten. Das Update behebt 15 Fehler und führt 10 Verbesserungen durch.

Kunena 5.0.12 Release Notes

  • Poll | The option Clear modal removes the possibility to create polls #5634
  • Fix Crypsisb3 report modal
  • move report button outside the message
  • Release K5.0.12
  • Some buttons are missing in category view #5635
  • “Report This” button echoed directly from controller #5611
  • If you use gravatars, the tab for avatars should be hidden in the profile setting #5633
  • Add nofollow to #forumbottom #forumtop
  • Update Languages
  • Section link is nofollow #5636
  • Fix corrupted upload images
  • Show Profile as ‘offline’ according to profile setup
  • Additional css class “locked” for category-, topic- and lastPostLink
  • The menu item Recent Posts shows wrong topic authors #5618
  • Meta time should match with topic time (K5.0)
  • Crypsisb3 – Rendering error on Index page #5609
  • Add social buttons to list view 5.0 enhance
  • Add social buttons to category / index view
  • email error on Joomla 3.8 #5592
  • Remove unnecessary class
  • Correct the image width and height
  • Configuration -> Show User Status = No | All users get the online status #5582 (Part 2)
  • Configuration -> Show User Status = No | All users get the online status
  • The Cancel button on Report Configuration generated only a page refresh
  • Missing bracket 5.0 enhance
  • Anonymous post not working #5564
  • Own Avatar gallery will not load #5565
  • Add social buttons to list view
  • Revert “When admin edit uers profile, let see him the tab to change avatar (#5514)”
  • Add div and class to confidential text for guests
  • Set default https on instagram/soundcloud
  • Thank You Feature: Improve Language String
  • set dev
  • Unapproved tab not available in crypsis #5489


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