i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.2.9

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Die Entwickler des OpenSource Multi-Server-Control Panels i-MSCP haben die Maintenance Version 1.2.9 für den Zweig 1.2.x, im Juli, veröffentlicht. Dieser behebt diverse kritische Fehler der vorherigen Versionen, sodass ein Update empfohlen wird.

Die Liste der Korrekturen:


  • Added: Dedicated server implementation for remote SQL server
  • Added: NAMED_BNAME (named binary name) configuration parameter – Named (Bind9) server impl.
  • Changed: Customers have now a full read access to their http logs, including those which were rotated
  • Changed: Domain’s logs are now mounted in customer’s logs folder using bind mount instead of being copied
  • Fixed: closedir() attempted on invalid dirhandle DIRH at line 312 (iMSCP::Dir)
  • Fixed: Due to logs rotation, some httpd logs are never copied into customer’s log folders
  • Fixed: File /etc/mysql/conf.d/imscp.cnf not loaded when using Percona DB server due to missing /etc/mysql/my.cnf file
  • Fixed: POP3 SSL and IMAP SSL services must be disabled when SSL is disabled for the services – Courier server impl.
  • Fixed: The .my.cnf file is no longer used and thus, must be removed
  • Fixed: Set timezone according TIMEZONE configuration parameter (iMSCP::Bootstrapper::boot())
  • Rewritten: iMSCP::Dir library


  • Added: ADM_GROUP configuration parameter
  • Added: courier-authdaemon init script – Status command from init script provided by Debian/Ubuntu do not work
  • Added: mysql.data configuration file
  • Added: percona 5.5/5.6 in Debian Jessie package file
  • Added: percona 5.5/5.6 in Ubuntu Vivid Vervet package file
  • Added: Respawn limit for imscp_daemon and imscp_panel upstart jobs
  • Added: TIMEZONE configuration parameter
  • Removed: TLS cipher suite – Setting TLSProtocol TLSv1 is sufficient to protect against poodle attack (ProFTPD)
  • Removed: PHP_TIMEZONE parameter (replaced by global TIMEZONE parameter)


  • Added: Script which allow to test services for poodle vulnerability (poodle.sh)


  • Fixed: Domain limit is not updated when a domain is being deleted (reseller level)
  • Fixed: Opcode cache must be cleared when the languages index is rebuilt


  • Added: Progress info for i-MSCP composer packages (dialog)
  • Added: timezone item for the reconfigure command line option (Allow to setup global timezone)
  • Fixed: Invalid version format (non-numeric data) when updating from an RC release


  • Fixed: #IP-0792: Allow customers to see real-time http access and error logs
  • Fixed: #IP-1362: Incorrect PHP temporary directory path in subdomain’s vhost files – Apache2 ITK server impl.
  • Fixed: #IP-1363: Unable to suspend customer account
  • Fixed: #IP-1364: Custom DNS records are lost when editing domain properties
  • Fixed: #IP-1371: Bug – When removing domain alias, the vhost link in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled is not removed
  • Fixed: #IP-1373: Compliance with RFC 2142 – Add a hostmaster address by default
  • Fixed: #IP-1374: Allows reuse of same SQL username for i-MSCP managed services such as phpmyadmin, proftpd…

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