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i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.2.4

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Das Update auf Version 1.2.3 ist erst vor kurzem veröffentlich worden und weil dort diverse Fehler gefunden wurden, gibt es nun das Update auf Version 1.2.4, was folgende Fixe beinhaltet:


  • Fixed: Both CPU and I/O priorities must be reduced to mitigate high load and latencys (backup scripts)
  • Fixed: Depending on the context, some service providers are not initialized
  • Fixed: Removed warning for inexistent mail directories (backup script)
  • Fixed: Services are started instead of being reloaded when already running (iMSCP::Provider::Service::Upstart)
  • Fixed: Undefined domain_status field (Modules::Domain)
  • Fixed: Warnings must not be turned into errors (backup script)
  • Fixed: Wrong return value on failure (request manager)


  • Added: courier-authdaemon init script – Init script provided by Ubuntu do not work (Ubuntu only)
  • Added: ProxyTimeout setting into 00_nameserver.conf Apache2 configuration file
  • Added: types_hash_max_size setting in nginx.conf configuration file


  • Added: Cache support for navigation translation files
  • Fixed: Unable to set language


  • Fixed: users.mail_host field must be set to ‘localhost’ (Package::Webmail::Roundcube::Installer)


  • Fixed: #IP-1353: i18n issue – Admin / System information not translatable

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