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i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.2.15

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Die Entwickler des OpenSource Server Control Panel, i-MSCP, haben das nächste Maintenance Release 1.2.14 veröffentlicht. Diese Version enthält über 30 Fixe, Änderungen und Updates.

i-MSCP Relase Änderungen 1.2.15


  • Changed: Usage of custom OpenSSL configuration file for self-signed SSL certificates (iMSCP::OpenSSL)
  • Fixed: ALLOW_URL_FOPEN placeholder not replaced in pool configuration files when using per_domain INI level (PHP-FPM)
  • Fixed: Exit code not returned to caller on segfault (signal 11)
  • Fixed: Missing fallback value for allow_url_fopen in Modules::SubAlias
  • Fixed: Obsolete SSL connection encryption method (nginx)


  • Added: imscp_panel.service systemd unit file
  • Added: OpenSSL configuration template file for self-signed SSL certificates
  • Changed: SPF record entries from softfail to hardfail


  • Fixed: Missing chdir() and umask() calls
  • Fixed: STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR must be redirected to /dev/null
  • Updated: Version to 1.2.5


  • Added: Default value for the domain.external_mail_dns_ids field
  • Added: Default value for the domain_aliasses.external_mail_dns_ids field
  • Added: ‘status’ field to the ftp_users table


  • Fixed: Bad request error when editing PHP settings with per_user INI level (PHP Editor)
  • Fixed: Could not add SSL certificate due to ‘At least one intermediate certificate is invalid or missing’ error
  • Fixed: Exception raised due to missing default value for domain.external_mail_dns_ids
  • Fixed: When customer account is being disabled, FTP users must be also disabled
  • Removed: OpenSSL configuration template file (replaced by /etc/imscp/openssl/openssl.cnf.tpl)


  • Fixed: Can’t locate object method “setVersion” via package Servers::sqld::remote_server
  • Fixed: Connection timeout with PGP key server (replaced by
  • Fixed: Ensure that mysql service is enabled
  • Fixed: Installer must die when server hostname is missconfigured
  • Fixed: Missing ‘use iMSCP::Crypt qw/decryptBlowfishCBC/’ statement in Servers::sqld::remote_server
  • Fixed: Missing ‘use iMSCP::Execute qw/escapeShell/’ statement in Servers::sqld::remote_server
  • Fixed: Missing ‘use iMSCP::TemplateParser’ statement in Servers::sqld::remote_server
  • Fixed: Overwrite any existing conflicting symlinks when enabling service (systemd)
  • Fixed: Possible use of uninitialized value $sqlServer in autoinstaller/Adapter/
  • Fixed: sysvinit scripts are not enabled when using systemd (regression fix)
  • Fixed: Missing APT source repositories for i-MSCP required sections
  • Updated: PhpMyAdmin addon installer to support PhpMyAdmin 4.5.x serie (require MySQL >= 5.5 and PHP >= 5.5)


  • Added: SQLNegativeCache directive to cache negative responses from SQL lookups (ProFTPD)
  • Added: SQLUserWhereClause directive to disallow FTP connection when FTP user status is not ‘ok’ (ProFTPD)
  • Backported: VsFTPd server implementation from 1.3.x branch


  • IP-1367 Support for the VsFTPd server
  • IP-1444 Ubuntu – Vsftpd package broken – must be installed for pthread_cancel to work
  • IP-1495 Domain alias with shared moint point fails

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