i-MSCP ist in der neuen Maintenance Version 1.1.1 erschienen

Die Entwickler des Server Control Panel – i-MSCP – geben die neue Maintenance Version 1.1.1 bekannt. Hauptsächlich wurden diverse Fehler in der Konfiguration, der GUI und der Engine behoben. Nachfolgend die Liste von Nuxwin aus der i-MSCP Ankündigung zur Version 1.1.1


  • Fixed: Awstats – Cron task is not running (dynamic mode)


  • Added: bash-completion package
  • Disabled: Opcache support (PHP5.5)


  • Added: onLoadTemplate event in all server implementations
  • Fixed: DNS sub templates must be passed-in to event listeners
  • Fixed: Domain owner unique identifier must be passed-in to related servers and addons
  • Fixed: Missing CLEAR method in iMSCP::Config handler


  • Fixed: jQuery library included twice in simple layout
  • Fixed: Ticket notification won’t be delivered (Support ticket feature)
  • Fixed: Wrong download link for new release
  • Fixed: Wrong events triggered in client/profile.php
  • Updated: Datatable translations


  • Changed: iMSCP_Plugin_Manager::updatePluginInfo() method is now public
  • Fixed: Plugin Store link
  • Updated: Plugin API to version 0.2.5 (changes are backward compatible)


  • Changed: imscp group is now allowed to read all files from i-MSCP configuration directory


  • Updated: DataTables to version 1.9.4


  • Fixed #1014: Bug – Link for “cancel” in Reseller – edit Domain is wrong
  • Fixed #1019: Bug – Unable to create customer with SQL feature set to disabled
  • Fixed #1020: Bug – Wrong SQL query – Search feature
  • Fixed #1022: Defect – standard email aliases not created while adding domain alias
  • Fixed #1024: Bug – Apache2 ITK server implementation – Error on update
  • Fixed #1025: Bug – Notice: Undefined index: _: Localised language

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