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i-MSCP in der Maintenance Version 1.1.19 erschienen

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Der Entwickler des beliebten internet Multi Server Control Panel (i-MSCP) hat heute die Maintenance Version 1.1.19 freigegeben.

In dieser Version wurden diverse Fehler korrigiert. Darunter SPF im DNS Server Bind, Zugriff im Webserver Apache und einige weitere im FTP Server ProFTP. Zudem wurde die GUI optimiert und kleinere Fehler bei der Pluginfunktion behoben. Weiterhin wurden die Tickets #1187, #1188, #1191, #1192 und #1194 gelöst.

Die Details aus dem Change sind wie folgt:


  • Added: Sysctl configuration file for secondary IP promoting ( /etc/sysctl.d/imscp.conf file )
  • Changed: SPF – Email treating level is now set to softfail instead of fail ( bind9 )
  • Fixed: Access to error documents is forbiden in some contexts ( Apache )
  • Fixed: A TLS fatal alert has been received – Wrong cipher suite ( ProFTPD )
  • Fixed: Domain aliases and subdomains can’t follow symlinks from customer homedir
  • Fixed: Missing NoSessionReuseRequired parameter ( ProFTPD )


  • Fixed: Network manager must not remove SSH connection IP


  • Fixed: Fcgi wrapper is not created in some contexts ( apache_fcgid )
  • Fixed: Pool configuration file is not created in some contexts ( apache_php_fpm )


  • Added: Events for mail catch-all
  • Changed: All network interfaces are now selectable, even if they are not up
  • Fixed: Allow the message_timeout event to be triggered for elements which are out of the .body container ( layout )
  • Fixed: Clear opcode cache when needed ( Opcache, APC )
  • Fixed: CSS loading order
  • Replaced: i-MSCP jQuery tooltip plugin by jQuery UI tooltip widget


  • Added: i18n_getJsTranslations() function which allow to translate JS scripts
  • Added: onGetJsTranslations event which allows the plugins to add their own JS translations
  • Added: New languages: Breton, Czech, Icelandic and Georgian ( Requested languages )
  • Fixed: Don’t throw any exception when a locale is not valid. Fallback to the default en_GB locale instead


  • Changed: Plugins are now aware of plugin manager
  • Fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined index: prirotiy in /var/www/imscp/gui/library/iMSCP/Plugin/Manager.php on line 1390
  • Fixed: Plugins’s configuration is not updated using the latest conffiles state when an OPCODE cache is enabled
  • Fixed: Plugin manager must be aware of plugin deletion
  • Updated: Plugin API to version 0.2.14


  • Added: pGenerator jQuery plugin v1.0.0


  • Fixed #1187: Enhancement – Password generator for any password field
  • Fixed #1188: Bug – apache_fcgid – Fcgid wrapper not created in some contexts
  • Fixed #1191: Bug – Domains which belong to disabled accounts are no longer reachable after an i-MSCP reconfiguration
  • Fixed #1192: Bug – Network manager – Server connection lost
  • Fixed #1194: Enhancement – Allowed character range for TXT DNS resource records

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