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Fireworks Mania Update v2022.1.1


Für den Feuerwerks Simulator Fireworks Mania hat der Entwickler Laumania ApS ein neues Update veröffentlicht. Die meisten Änderungen sind nicht sichtbar, aber wichtig damit Modder mehr Anpassungsmöglichkeiten haben.

Fireworks Mania Rockets
Fireworks Mania Rockets


  • Updated “fire” effect to performe a tiny bit better
  • Changes to how the game render its graphics and manage memory which should give a tiny performance boost
  • Updated translations
  • Updated billboards in City as it is no longer New Years
  • Added Reddit link in the bottom of MainMenu. Yes, we have a sub Reddit now because we are not boomers
  • Lowered the volume in MainMenu as the explosions in the background could be a bit too loud
Fireworks Mania Rocket Show
Fireworks Mania Rocket Show


  • Fixed bug where fireworks from mod would tip over even if placed “static”
  • Fixed bug where particles for a short while spawned at 0,0,0 if a lot of fires were starting at once. At least it should happen a lot less now
  • Fixed bug where no mods where loaded if one mod crashed due to wrong version
  • Fixed bug where crossair would come back even if HUD should be hidden via pressing BackSpace
Fireworks Mania Explosions
Fireworks Mania Explosions


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