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Docker Engine 25.0.3 und 25.0.4 veröffentlicht

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Die Open-Source Containervirtualisierung Docker ermöglicht die Isolierung von Anwendungen in Containern und steht sowohl für Linux, Windows und MacOS zur Verfügung. Die Engine, bzw. Docker -CE erhielt Updates die Fehler korrigieren und zur Stabilität von Docker beitragen.

Docker Engine 25.0.4 Release Notes

docker/cli, 25.0.4 milestone

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Restore DNS names for containers in the default “nat” network on Windows. moby/moby#47490
  • Fix docker start failing when used with –checkpointmoby/moby#47466
  • Don’t enforce new validation rules for existing swarm networks moby/moby#47482
  • Restore IP connectivity between the host and containers on an internal bridge network. moby/moby#47481
  • Fix a regression introduced in v25.0 that prevented the classic builder from adding tar archive with xattrs created on a non-Linux OS moby/moby#47483
  • containerd image store: Fix image pull not emitting Pulling fs layer statusmoby/moby#47484
  • API: To preserve backwards compatibility, make read-only mounts non-recursive by default when using older clients (API versions < v1.44). moby/moby#47393
  • API: GET /images/{id}/json omits the Created field (previously it was 0001-01-01T00:00:00Z) if the Created field was missing from the image config. moby/moby#47451
  • API: Populate a missing Created field in GET /images/{id}/json with 0001-01-01T00:00:00Z for API versions <= 1.43. moby/moby#47387
  • API: Fix a regression that caused API socket connection failures to report an API version negotiation failure instead. moby/moby#47470
  • API: Preserve supplied endpoint configuration in a container-create API request, when a container-wide MAC address is specified, but NetworkMode name or id is not the same as the name or id used in NetworkSettings.Networks. moby/moby#47510

Docker Enginge 25.0.3 Release Notes

docker/cli, 25.0.3 milestone

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • containerd image store: Fix a bug where docker image history would fail if a manifest wasn’t found in the content store. moby/moby#47348

Ensure that a generated MAC address is not restored when a container is restarted, but a configured MAC address is preserved. moby/moby#47304

  • Note
  • Containers created with Docker Engine version 25.0.0 may have duplicate MAC addresses. They must be re-created.
  • Containers with user-defined MAC addresses created with Docker Engine versions 25.0.0 or 25.0.1 receive new MAC addresses when started using Docker Engine version 25.0.2. They must also be re-created.
  • Fix docker save <image>@<digest> producing an OCI archive with index without manifests. moby/moby#47294

Fix a bug preventing bridge networks from being created with an MTU higher than 1500 on RHEL and CentOS 7. moby/moby#47308

, moby/moby#47311

  • Fix a bug where containers are unable to communicate over an internal network. moby/moby#47303
  • Fix a bug where the value of the ipv6 daemon option was ignored. moby/moby#47310
  • Fix a bug where trying to install a pulling using a digest revision would cause a panic. moby/moby#47323
  • Fix a potential race condition in the managed containerd supervisor. moby/moby#47313
  • Fix an issue with the journald log driver preventing container logs from being followed correctly with systemd version 255. moby/moby47243
  • seccomp: Update the builtin seccomp profile to include syscalls added in kernel v5.17 – v6.7 to align the profile with the profile used by containerd. moby/moby#47341

Windows: Fix cache not being used when building images based on Windows versions older than the host’s version. moby/moby#47307

, moby/moby#47337


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