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Chart.js Feature und Bugfix Relase 4.3.0 veröffentlicht

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Die Open-Source und auf HTML5 und JavaScript basierte Chart Software, chart.js, erhielt das Update 4.3.0. In der neuen Version gab es einige Änderungen, Fehlerkorrekturen, Optimierungen und Verbesserungen.

Chart.js 4.3.0 Release Notes

Essential Links

  • #11257 Bump to 4.3.0
  • #11217 Enable applying of gradients and pattern on line segments
  • #11134 Use custom scale defaults and dataset axis ID options to determine the axis
  • #11061 fix RTL tooltip colorBox placement


  • #11055 Enable point labels hiding when overlapped
  • #11180 Border is counted as part of ArcElement
  • #11121 refactor: rewrite config helpers to ts
  • #11100 refactor: rewrite canvas helpers to ts
  • #11127 Add borderDash options to arc element

Bugs Fixed

  • #11238 Check for isNaN before building number formatter options
  • #11116 Fix: don’t generate ticks > max if max is specified


  • #11121 refactor: rewrite config helpers to ts
  • #11100 refactor: rewrite canvas helpers to ts
  • #11143 Docs: fix tooltip model doc.


  • #11241 Add redirect for old V3 migration guides in release notes
  • #11244 Fix documentation about how to manage own custom plugin for types
  • #11220 docs: Fix a few typos
  • #11154 Update


  • #11240 Add version specific urls to release template
  • #11212 Update size limits
  • #11209 chore: change pnpm version in engines field to be able to use 8.x.x
  • #11174 Add colors plugin to size limit
  • #11165 Disable canvas acceleration in Firefox 110 in test cases
  • #11145 Simplify _arrayUnique
  • #11135 Change labelColors to labelColor in tooltip drawColorBox method.


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