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Grafana Bugfix Release 9.5.1 und 9.5.0 veröffentlicht

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Die plattformübergreifende Open-Source-Anwendung zur grafischen Darstellung von Daten aus verschiedenen Datenquellen wie z. B. InfluxDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Prometheus und Graphite, Grafana, erhielt das Update 9.5.1.

Grafana 9.5.1 Release Notes

Features and enhancements

Grafana 9.5.0 Release Notes

Features and enhancements

Bug fixes

  • API: Fix “Updated by” Column in dashboard versions table. #65351@papagian
  • AccessControl: Allow editors to access GET /api/datasources. #66343@mgyongyosi
  • Alerting: Add “backend” label to state history writes metrics. #65395@alexweav
  • Alerting: Add alert instance labels to Loki log lines in addition to stream labels. #65403@alexweav
  • Alerting: Elide requests to Loki if nothing should be recorded. #65011@alexweav
  • Alerting: Fix DatasourceUID and RefID missing for DatasourceNoData alerts. #66733@grobinson-grafana
  • Alerting: Fix ambiguous handling of equals in labels when bucketing Loki state history streams. #65013@alexweav
  • Alerting: Fix attachment of external labels to Loki state history log streams. #65140@alexweav
  • Alerting: Fix creating a recording rule when having multiple datasources. #66415@VikaCep
  • Alerting: Fix explore link in alert detail view. #66106@gillesdemey
  • Alerting: Fix share URL for Prometheus rules on subpath. #66752@gillesdemey
  • Alerting: Fix stats that display alert count when using unified alerting. #64852@gotjosh
  • Alerting: Hide mute timing actions when dealing with vanilla prometheus. #66457@gillesdemey
  • Alerting: Paginate result previews. #65257@gillesdemey
  • Alerting: Prometheus-compatible Alertmanager timings editor. #64526@konrad147
  • Alerting: Update scheduler to get updates only from database. #64635@yuri-tceretian
  • Alerting: Use a completely isolated context for state history writes. #64989@alexweav
  • Alerting: Use displayNameFromDS if available in preview. #65342@gillesdemey
  • Annotation List: Fix panel not updating when variable is changed. #65899@JoaoSilvaGrafana
  • Annotations: Ignore unique constraint violations for tags. #65935@sakjur
  • Auth: Fix orgrole picker disabled if isSynced user. #64033@eleijonmarck
  • AzureMonitor: Fix Log Analytics portal links. #65482@aangelisc
  • BrowseDashboards: Fix move to General folder not working. #65653@joshhunt
  • Catalog: Show install error with incompatible version. #65059@andresmgot
  • Chore: Update Grafana to use Alertmanager v0.25.1-0.20230308154952-78fedf89728b. #64778@yuri-tceretian
  • CloudMonitoring: Add project selector for MQL editor[fix]. #65567@alyssabull
  • CloudWatch Logs: Fix running logs queries with expressions. #65306@iwysiu
  • CloudWatch Logs: Fix to make log queries use a relative time if available. #65236@kevinwcyu
  • CloudWatch Logs: Revert “Queries in an expression should run synchronously (#64443)”. #65036@fridgepoet
  • CloudWatch: Fix cachedQueries insights not being updated for metric queries. #65495@kevinwcyu
  • Cloudwatch: Pass refId from query for expression queries. #66147@idastambuk
  • Dashboards: Evaluate provisioned dashboard titles in a backwards compatible way. #65184@sakjur
  • Dashboards: Fix Mobile support dashboard issues on new iOS 16.3. #65542@axelavargas
  • Dashboards: Fix broken internal data links. #66567@ifrost
  • Database: Don’t sleep 10ms before every request. #64832@bboreham
  • Elasticsearch: Fix processing of response with multiple group by for alerting. #65165@ivanahuckova
  • Elasticsearch: Handle multiple annotation structures. #66762@gabor
  • Email: Mark HTML comments as “safe” in email templates. #64546@gillesdemey
  • Emails: Preserve HTML comments. (Enterprise)
  • ErrorHandling: Fixes issues with bad error messages. #63775@torkelo
  • ErrorView: Better detection of no-data responses. #65477@leeoniya
  • Explore: Make DataSourcePicker visible on small screens. #65149@abdulhdr1
  • Fix: DataLinks from data sources override user defined data link. #65996@axelavargas
  • Fix: Top table rendering and update docs. #64497@joey-grafana
  • Frontend: Fix broken links in /plugins when pathname has a trailing slash. #64348@gassiss
  • Geomap: Fix route layer zoom behavior. #63409@drew08t
  • Google Cloud Monitoring: Fix project variable. #66524@asimpson
  • HeatMap: Sort y buckets when all bucket names are numeric. #65322@leeoniya
  • InfluxDB: Fix querying with hardcoded retention policy. #66466@itsmylife
  • InfluxDB: Fix sending retention policy with InfluxQL queries. #63820@itsmylife
  • KVStore: Include database field in migration. #62790@zoltanbedi
  • LDAP: Always synchronize Server Admin role through role sync if role sync is enabled. #58820@IevaVasiljeva
  • Library panels: Ensure pagination controls are always correctly displayed. #65283@ashharrison90
  • Loki: Fix autocomplete situations with multiple escaped quotes. #65520@svennergr
  • MegaMenu: Fixes mega menu showing scroll indicator when it shouldn’t. #65452@torkelo
  • Navigation: Redirect to root page when switching organization. #66655@ashharrison90
  • Navigation: Scrolled hamburger menu links now navigate correctly in Safari. #66261@ashharrison90
  • NestedFolders: Fix nested folder deletion. #63572@ying-jeanne
  • New Panel Header: Fix when clicking submenu item the parent menu item onClick get’s triggered. #65691@axelavargas
  • Phlare: Fix error when there are no profileTypes to send from backend. #65455@aocenas
  • PieChart: Show long labels properly. #65699@mdvictor
  • PluginExtensions: Fixed issue with incorrect type being exposed when configuring an extension. #65910@mckn
  • Plugins: Ensure proxy route bodies are valid JSON. #61771@wbrowne
  • Plugins: Fix width for README pages with tables. #66872@andresmgot
  • Plugins: Markdown fetch retry with lowercase. #65384@wbrowne
  • Plugins: Skip instrumenting plugin build info for core and bundled plugins. #66105@wbrowne
  • PublicDashboards: Query collapsed panels inside rows. #64779@evictorero
  • Query Splitting: Fix for handling queries with no requestId. #66161@domasx2
  • SQL Datasources: Fix variable throwing error if query returns no data. #65937@mdvictor
  • SQL Datasources: Prevent Call Stack Overflows with Large Numbers of Values for Variable. #64937@codeincarnate
  • SQLStore: Fix SQLite error propagation if query retries are disabled. #64904@papagian
  • Stat Panel: Fix issue with clipping text values. #64300@JoaoSilvaGrafana
  • Table Panel: Fix panel migration for options cell type. #66305@ryantxu
  • Table: Fix migrations from old angular table for cell color modes. #65760@torkelo
  • Table: Fixes issue with pagination summary causing scrollbar. #65189@torkelo
  • Table: Fixes table panel gauge alignment. #64994@torkelo
  • TablePanel: Fix table cells overflowing when there are multiple data links. #65711@oscarkilhed
  • TablePanel: fix footer bug; no footer calculated values after “hidden” column override. #64269@baldm0mma
  • Team sync: Fix apply query string instead of param. (Enterprise)
  • Templating: Allow percent encoding of variable with custom all. #65266@dprokop
  • Tempo: Set default limit if none is provided for traceql queries. #65039@domasx2
  • TimeSeries: Don’t extend stepped interpolation to graph edges. #65657@leeoniya
  • TimeSeries: Improve stacking direction heuristic. #65499@leeoniya
  • Trace View: Update the queryType to traceql for checking if same trace when clicking span link. #66645@ericmustin
  • TraceView: Don’t require preferredVisualisationType to render. #64920@aocenas
  • Utils: Reimplement util.GetRandomString to avoid modulo bias. #64481@DanCech
  • XYChart: Add all dataset columns in tooltip. #65027@mdvictor

Breaking changes

default named retention policies won’t be used to query. Users who have a default named retention policy in their influxdb database, have to rename it to something else. Having default named retention policy is not breaking anything. We will make sure to use the actual default retention policy under the hood. To change the hardcoded retention policy in the dashboard.json, users must they select the right retention policy from dropdown and save the panel/dashboard. Issue #66466

Grafana Alerting rules with NoDataState configuration set to Alerting will now respect “For” duration. Issue #65574

Users who use LDAP role sync to only sync Viewer, Editor and Admin roles, but grant Grafana Server Admin role manually will not be able to do that anymore. After this change, LDAP role sync will override any manual changes to Grafana Server Admin role assignments. If grafana_admin is left unset in LDAP role mapping configuration, it will default to false. Issue #58820

Plugin development fixes & changes

Quelle: grafana/ at main · grafana/grafana · GitHub

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