BackupPC 4.3.2 Bugfix Release erschienen

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BackupPC 4.3.2 Release Notes

  • Merged pull requests #278#281#289#295#297#307#308#311#312#313#314.
  • Added per-host read/write exclusivity to worker programs, so command-line programs don’t collide with backups or other operations; reported by @hamster65 (issue #299)
  • Added $Conf{RsyncIncrArgsExtra} (issue #284)
  • Added $Conf{ClientShareName2Path}, which allows mapping of share names/path to real paths on the client (eg, to backup a snapshot that’s in a different directory to the share name path)
  • Fixed v3 digest calculation in bin/BackupPC_backupDuplicate and bin/BackupPC_migrateV3toV4; reported by @palmtop (issue #291)
  • Improved handling of BackupPC_nightly running for more than 24 hours: drop next queued run, and provide better log messages; reported by @guestisp (issue #303)
  • Improved error checking on $Conf{BackupPCNightlyPeriod}, and update $Info->{NightlyPhase} if it’s larger than $Conf{BackupPCNightlyPeriod}; reported by @guestisp (issue #304)
  • Fixed warnings in bin/BackupPC, submitted by @moisseev (#278)
  • Avoid rrd updates using the same time stamp, submitted by @moisseev (#311, issue #305)
  • Removed unused counting of renamed files, submitted by @moisseev (#281)
  • Make tar xfer output parsing compatible with FreeBSD tar, submitted by @haarp (#289)
  • Fix daemon stdin open to read mode, submitted by @moisseev (#308)
  • Hosts config editor table layout CGI fix, submitted by @steven-de-wit (#297)
  • Fixes to French translation, submitted by @pjoubert- (#295)
  • Fixes to Italian translation, submitted by @guestisp (#314)
  • Updated comments for Apache 2.4 config in httpd/src/BackupPC.conf, submitted by @NotAProfessionalDeveloper (#307)
  • Documentation update for SCGI prerequisite, submitted by @guestisp (#312)
  • Documentation update for nginx config, submitted by @guestisp (#313)


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