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Ultimaker Cura 5.0.0 Release

Ultimaker Cura Logo

Ultimaker hat die 3D Slice Software, Cura, aktualisiert und diese nun in Version 5.0.0 bereit gestellt. Diese kann sowohl für Windows, Linux als auch MacOS installiert werden.

Cura 5.0.0 Release Notes

Upgrade from Qt5 to Qt6
Ultimaker Cura 5.0 is now compatible with Apple M1.

Other new features and improvements:
– New Cura icon
– New Cura splash screen
– Updated the digital build plates for Ultimaker printers
– Introduce Minimum Wall Line Width, contributed by BagelOrb
– Settings for metal printing implemented
– Shrinkage compensation is now available for PLA, tPLA and PETG
– Improved default Line Widths for Spiralize
– Decrease resolution to remove some buffer underruns
– Incomplete languages are now shown in the language drop-down menu
– Improved the visibility of the checkboxes

Bug fixes:
– Added the Scale Fan Speed From 0 to 1 setting for printers that interpreted fan speed as percentages
– Fixed a bug with extra travel moves increased the printing time, contributed by BagelOrb
– Fixed a bug where Monotonic Ironing breaks Ironing, contributed by BagelOrb
– Changed the priority of CuraEngine
– Fixed a bug where increasing Filter distances creates extremely wide lines, contributed by BagelOrb
– Fixed double scroll bar, contributed by fieldOfView
– Fixed a bug where maximum resolution/deviation was not applied to surface mode, contributed by BagelOrb
– Fixed a bug where the seam placement was uneven
– Fixed a bug where Top Surface Skin Layers didn’t work
– Fixed a bug where Speed in the flow setting were not respected
– Fixed a bug with unnecessary retracted travel moves
– Fixed a bug where the Ironing Inset didn’t work
– Fixed a bug where Support Layers were missing
– Fixed a crash if Randomize Infill Start was used
– Fixed a bug where Combing was in the wrong part with dual extrusion
– Fixed a crash with Bridging and Top Surface Skin Layers
– Fixed a bug where modifier meshes didn’t work in one-at-a-time mode
– Fixed a bug where Tree Support Branches where not being generated
– Fixed a bug where less support was generated
– Changed the possibility for 100% Infill Bottom Layer for Spiralize, contributed by BagelOrb
– Fixed disallowed areas for Brim gap, contributed by BagelOrb

Bug fixes after the 5.0 beta:
– Fixed a bug where Retraction Distance couldn’t have small values
– Fixed a bug where there were duplicated themes
– Fixed a bug where there were scrollbars showing on tooltips
– Fixed a bug where drag and drop was not working on the first run of Cura
– Fixed a bug where Infill Percentages are not lined up correctly in Recommended mode
– Fixed a bug where it wasn’t clear if the textfield was active
– Fixed a bug where highlighted text in text field is unreadable
– Fixed missing icons, contributed by fieldOfView
– Fixed a bug where scrolling through long material list was not possible
– Fixed a bug where multiply was not possible, contributed by fieldOfView
– Fixed a bug where micro segments are causing blobs
– Fixed a bug where there was over extrusion when printing with gradual infill
– Fixed a bug where error values could slice
– Fixed a bug where the CPU was high when Cura was idle
– Fixed a bug where an existing gcode file was overwritten when you select no to overwrite
– Fixed a crash when selecting extruders
– Fixed a bug where exporting profiles didn’t work
– Fixed a slicing error with certain infill patterns
– Fixed a bug where printing via USB stops during the print
– Fixed a bug where the toolgrips where missing, contributed by fieldOfView
– Fixed a bug where the print values didn’t save when closing the page, contributed by fieldOfView
– Fixed the width of a Menu to fit the widest MenuItem, contributed by fieldOfView
– Fixed a bug where Use Single Instance of Cura in Preferences crashes upon restart
– Fixed a bug where travels would go through the model with printing PVA
– Fixed a bug where Concentric ironing was affecting the print quality
– Fixed a bug where there were missing infill layers
– Fixed AppRun permissions, contributed by probonopd

Printer definitions, profiles and materials:
– Added Atom 3 and Atom 3 Lite printer definitions, contributed by Daniel-Kurth
– Added Layer One Black PLA, Dark Grey PLA and White PLA, contributed by Daniel-Kurth
– Added FLSUN Q5 printer definition, contributed by kreuzhofer
– Added Creatlity CR100 printer definition, contributed by bodyboarder2528
– Added Mixware Hyper-S printer definition, contributed by mixware011
– Added Creality Sermoon D1 printer definition, contributed by felixstif
– Added Volumic SH65, Stream30Pro MK3 and Stream30Ultra SC2 printer definitions, contributed by VOLUMIC
– Updated Eryone Thinker and ER20 profiles, contributed by Eryone
– Updated Atom 2 profile, contributed by lin-ycv
– Added Hellbot Hidra and Magna series printer definitions, contributed by DevelopmentHellbot
– Updated Snapmaker 2 End-Gcode, contributed by Rolzad73
– Updated the Tinyboy Fabricator printer definitions, contributed by reibuehl
– Updated the Creality Ender 5 printer profile, contributed by Rakhmanov

Community translations:
– Updated the Brazilian Portuguese translation, contributed by Patola
– Updated the Czech translation, contributed by sustmi
– Updated some of the Simplified Chinese translation, contributed by iBral
From version 5.0 onwards – Ultimaker Cura is only supported on operating systems actively maintained by their software manufacturer or community. This means Windows 7 and MacOS 10.14 will no longer be supported.
Ubuntu 18.04 is also no longer supported because of the update to Qt6.

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