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TrueNAS Core Feature und Bugfix Release 13.0-U4

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Das auf FreeBSD basierende Betriebssystem für NAS Lösungen, TrueNAS ehemals FreeNAS, erhielt das reguläre Update 13.0-U4. Das Maintenance Release behebt einen Fehler und führt eine Verbesserung durch.

TrueNAS Core 13.0-U4 Release Notes

This release includes an update of the Iconik plugin to the latest publicly available release, several improvements, and fixes many issues found in earlier releases. The improvements cover:

  • Enclosure managment for the Mini R
  • Zfs-2.1.8 and then zfs-2.1.9 merged
  • Change frequency of AFPInfo xatters reads to optional when generating SMB2 AAPL readirattr response

TrueNAS 13.0-U4 Changelog

New Feature


  • NAS-119744 Enclosure Management for Mini-R Core/SCALE
  • NAS-119749 Enclosure Management for Mini-R Core/SCALE (UI)
  • NAS-119958 Merge zfs-2.1.8
  • NAS-120026 Merge zfs-2.1.9
  • NAS-120350 Optionally read AFPInfo xattrs directly when generating SMB2 AAPL readirattr response


  • NAS-115994 Idmap issue with “OWNER RIGHTS” SID
  • NAS-118439 IPMI VLAN ID unable to be un-set
  • NAS-118566 net/netatalk3 – additional regression fixes
  • NAS-118660 Cloud sync task “Bandwith Limit” pop-up help text appears to be incorrect
  • NAS-118726 SMB_ASSERT() during tevent_aio_cancel()
  • NAS-118754 Dashboard missing widgets when vlan is configured
  • NAS-118842 CRITICAL alerts for seemingly nothing on TrueNAS 13.0-U2
  • NAS-118844 “name servers not configured” error after reboot (static IP config)
  • NAS-118852 Merge FreeBSD SA-22:15-23:03 EN-22:21-23:04
  • NAS-118870 Sharing/SMB/Add Name field not updated after first folder click
  • NAS-118887 Can’t remove/change certificate for disabled S3 services with no disk, thereby certificate can’t be deleted from System > Certificates
  • NAS-118903 Access attempt by unauthorized user may trigger SMB_ASSERT in vfs_recycle
  • NAS-118991 EC certificates not supported for WebUI
  • NAS-118999 impossible to delete old default self signed cert
  • NAS-119096 Certificate set to none is not possible
  • NAS-119178 HTML in text/plain part of the pool is DEGRADED email
  • NAS-119201 Replication tasks “waiting” for unknown reason
  • NAS-119246 Don’t work Yandex Disk Cloud integration
  • NAS-119254 asyncio task references not kept
  • NAS-119287 Merge zfs-2.1.7
  • NAS-119296 fix memory leak in py-libzfs/ZFS.find_import
  • NAS-119354 Rsync Tasks always in Waiting status
  • NAS-119407 Fix panic in ZFS at boot
  • NAS-119602 Unhandled exception; Task Manager reports disk.sync_all failed.
  • NAS-119609 bsd_attr_list in samba can read off end of buffer
  • NAS-119612 extattr_list_file() usage in netatalk also does not properly handle truncated returns
  • NAS-119635 Limit rx/tx queues to 8 in Aquantia Aqtion driver for FreeBSD
  • NAS-119657 minio plugin still uses EOL 12.2 Release
  • NAS-119692 LDAP Encyrption not working
  • NAS-119780 CamControl Error Expanding Pool
  • NAS-119781 The ticket link in alert is incorrect
  • NAS-119785 NFSv4 doesn’t support >16 groups even if option is selected
  • NAS-119905 atrun is duplicated in /etc/cron.d/at and /etc/crontab
  • NAS-119906 Traceback when rejoining domain if Kerberos Realm field isn’t cleared
  • NAS-119908 SMB_ASSERT() in vfs_fruit when connecting user has no share fs access
  • NAS-120133 Cloud Sync Task to Google Drive fails 50% of the time
  • NAS-120245 UI does not respect user’s choice for update file upload location

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