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TrueNAS Core 13.0-U5 Bugfix Release

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Das auf FreeBSD basierende Betriebssystem für NAS Lösungen, TrueNAS ehemals FreeNAS, erhielt das reguläre Update 13.0-U5. Das Maintenance Release behebt einen Fehler und führt eine Verbesserung durch.

TrueNAS Core 13.0-U5 Release Notes

This release includes one new feature that adds a method to report ARM status information from ACPI tables, and update of the Asigra and Iconik plugins to the latest publicly available release, several NVDIMM improvements, and fixes many issues found in earlier releases. The improvements include:

  • Enclosure management for the R50
  • Asigra/Iconik release upgrade to 13.1-RELEASE
  • NVDIMM reporting statistics
  • NVDIMM 2666 Micron 2.6 firmware qualified

This release fixes a bug with dataset encryption where it was possible to create an encrypted storage pool or dataset and unencrypted datasets within that pool or dataset. Beginning with 13.0-U5, it is no longer possible to create an unencrypted dataset when the storage pool or dataset is created with encryption active. Datasets created in this manner are not affected by this fix. If the original intention was for the dataset to be encrypted, please migrate any data from the unencrypted dataset to a new encrypted dataset.

TrueNAS 13.0-U5 Changelog

New Feature

  • NAS-121358 need method for userspace to report arm status info from acpi tables


  • NAS-119243 Collect all relevant data output from mprutil on CORE/Enterprise for all connected HBA into debug
  • NAS-120350 Optionally read AFPInfo xattrs directly when generating SMB2 AAPL readirattr response
  • NAS-120605 Add reporting of NVDIMM Operational Statistics.
  • NAS-121150 Update R50 dashboard picture in webui
  • NAS-121443 Nvdimm 2666 Micron 2.6 firmware is ONLY qualified firmware


  • NAS-112093 ZFS ashift on vdev addition for pre-12 pools
  • NAS-118157 NFS read operations cause X10-S system to crash
  • NAS-119515 hot-spares do not auto detach from zpool after they have been activated and the failed drive replaced
  • NAS-119783 Creating replication task results in Error: [schedule] A dict was expected
  • NAS-120007 Replication fails with “ssh_dispatch_run_fatal”
  • NAS-120113 Do not toggle ZFS_ARCHIVE on mtime updates
  • NAS-120203 Discrepancies between GUI an command line output of dataset checksum
  • NAS-120250 GUI brings up *wrong* page when clicking “Edit” button (Rsync Modules)
  • NAS-120570 TrueNAS-13.0-U4 “TRUENAS-MINI-3.0-XL+” is not a supported model. (METHOD: createEnclosure). Please contact support for help.
  • NAS-120572 Kernel panic in tcp_output()
  • NAS-120602 Uncommanded reboot from logging into the web interface
  • NAS-120615 SMB_ASSERT on fsctl on alternate data stream
  • NAS-120659 abort() due to failure to cancel pending aio write
  • NAS-120672 Fix disk_resize to work with solidigm (Intel) P5430 (D5-P5316) 30TB NVMe drives
  • NAS-120976 TrueNAS-13.0-U4 – FREENAS-MINI-3.0-E – “View Enclosure” is blank
  • NAS-120987 Unexpected ARC drops
  • NAS-120996 strtoul and strtol wrappers in Samba are broken on FreeBSD
  • NAS-121021 NULL de-reference kernel panic in dbuf_dirty()
  • NAS-121261 S3 Service Breaks rc.conf.freenas if Secret Key contains a “.
  • NAS-121492 TrueNAS Reboot On Snapshot Rollback
  • NAS-121694 NIS Failure to bind ypmaster on Failover
  • NAS-121771 Can’t install Minio plugin; 13.0-RELEASE was not found!
  • NAS-121883 Do not allow to replicate unencrypted datasets beneath encrypted datasets

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