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SOGo Groupware 5.8.3 Enhancement und Bugfix Release

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Die freie und moderne Groupware, SOGo wurde in Version 5.8.3. veröffentlicht. SOGo bietet neben E-Mail, Kalender auch Adressbuchfunktionen und diese in jedem Webbrowser und per nativen Client wie Mozilla Thunderbird und Lightning, Apple Kalender und Adressbuch, sowie Microsoft Outlook. Es ist skalierbar und kann mit Android und Apple iOS synchronisiert werden.

SOGo Groupware 5.8.3 Release Notes


  • calendar: Add week number on month view. Fixes #4457. (96639b7)
  • mail: Add autolink from ckeditor. Fixes #5749 (810cd12)
  • preferences: Add SOGoCreateIdentitiesDisabled domain option which disables identity creation for users in preferences (af6202b a14f9a7)

Bug Fixes

  • activesync: Wrong decoding emails in Outlook via EAS. Force utf-8 when contnet-type is different than html part. Original fix from tfu. Fixes #5664 (39ab482)
  • calendar: Fix Web Calendar (ics) subscription with authentication between SOGo instances not possible after upgrading from 5.7.0 to 5.8.2. Fixes #5753 (dd60e01)
  • calendar: Rework confirmation box when dismissing calendar event edition with background click, only if the event is in edition. Rework of #5585. Closes #5720. (4fc61a2 6ccd22b 46215ac)
  • core: Add . , : ; + = special characters in password policy (2f36fa5 a5d4715)
  • eas: Fix error 500 when SOGoCacheCleanup triggered cleanup with shibboleth 4.2.1. Fore refresh ticket in iFrame in this case (7b711ea 5500ce7)
  • js: Fix display of body message when ‘to’ field is not filled in. Closes #5721 (6acb245)
  • js: Fix JavaScript error when send mail from Addressbook. Fixes #5750. (3b0fbdd)
  • mail: Fix images in attachements when replying to a mail. Fixes #5731 (dbd4e20)
  • mail: Fix invalid forward template when replying. Closes #5726 (d49ef40)
  • mail: Removed attachements of images when replying to a mail. As the image is inline, the attachement shall be removed. (0edd3f7)


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