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Tine20 Community Edition Bugfix 2022.07.02.106

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Die Open-Source Groupware Tine2.0 wurde aktualisiert. Wie angekündigt werden nun auch kleinere Updates veröffentlicht und so auch dieses, dass 9 Features bringt und 17 Fehler korrigiert.

Tine20 CE 2022.07.02.106 Release Notes


71a67e6 feature(Applications): add BE apps
e56ce95 feature(Calendar/TreePanel): add preference removeAllFilters
11fad1e feature(Calendar/Event): add location contact record field
e6e5f04 feature(Tinebase): have plugin-registry in grids
dd7adf1 feature(Filemanager): listen for Tree_Node changes as well
9fa6d11 feature(Filemanager): inherit props from Tree_Node
b884e9d feature(Calendar): new Resource attendee status grant
9589b55 feature(Tinebase): support before/after methods in mixins
84719d7 feature(Addressbook): new avatar renderer


e39ec59 fix(Timeaccount): set decimal budget on timeaccounts
ab01054 test fix(update test) added new 2022.11 applications
e85d677 fix(Email): folder tree for additional accounts not loading
e2bd4b4 test fix(update test) added new 2022.11 applications
b4c1777 fix(Tinebase/JS): defaultFilter duplication if != query
a98bf99 fix(Felamimail/Initialize): add missing default user right “MAINSCREEN”
bc92c3e fix(Setup/Mysql): fix quoting in backup command
9f594d4 fix(Addressbook): use prefered email when expanding lists
38f6237 fix(Tinebase): bchub auth fails
fb4b5ea fix(Addressbook/Contact/preferredAddressRender): handle null values in address
37ba3c7 fix(Tinebase): skip outdated store load responses
a95b9d7 fix(Felamimail/js): improve recipient string handling
b736040 fix(Felamimail/js): resolve group contact in front end
2ccd849 fix(Sales): keep null price values in positions
fcf73b0 fix(TB Twig) transliterate didnt properly work, revert to old custom impl
29f211a fix(Filemanager/js): expand sorted tree node
69b7234 fix(Felamimail/Folder): skip update empty parent folder when move
12333d8 fix(Felamimail/js): set default filter for sent folders

Release Notes: Release 2022.07.02.106 · tine20/tine20 · GitHub

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