Tine 2.0 CE 2022.09.22.8 Bugfix Release

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Die Groupware Tine 2.0 in der Community Edition erhielt das Update 2022.09.22.8. Das Update erhielt 3 neue Funktionien und schließt über 20 Fehler in Tinebase, Felamimail und ActiveSync und weiteren Komponenten.

Tine 2.0 2022.09.22.8 Release Notes


f9fa144 feature(scripts/ansible): add tineupdate role
bff0033 feature(Admin/User): create email user accounts with cli Admin.setPasswords
2cd842e feature(PHP8.1 Support)


0bb3c0a fix(more composer.lock issues)
11e9626 fix(composer) explicitly add laminas/laminas-zendframework-bridge
a45835c fix(Tinebase/Fulltext): skip encrypted files
0bf689d fix(TB Export) tags should be exported in xlsx
10c0515 fix(TB LDAP) remove create/disbale account race condition during ldap sync
4cdf47e fix(Tinebase): snooze js errors with modal windows
e9d601a fix(Tinebase): autoSize with browserZoom fails on macs without retina displays
315b4ca fix(Tinebase/Customfield): fix disabled logic for customField
a898b1d fix(composer) downgrade league/uri (6.8.0 => 6.7.2)
dfba314 fix(composer) bump some versions
832cd7e fix(composer.lock) sabre/vobject update to 3.5.3pl6 missing
a11edb7 fix(composer) bump some versions
5a2bf23 fix(composer) bump a few version
9c9365e fix(Felamimail/ActiveSync): save mails in sent folder again
258e19a fix(composer dependency) metaways/opendocument
7a7c1a8 fix(composer depency) zbateson/mail-mime-parser
59e5851 fix(composer dependency update) libphonenumber
7be5b31 fix(composer) update composer dependencies
5a952dc fix(add missing composer msg)
8375c97 fix(composer) use proper zendframework1 tag

Quelle: Release 2022.09.22.8 · tine20/tine20 · GitHub

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