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Tine 2.0 Bugfix und Feature Release 2022.10.08.64

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Für die Open-Source Groupware – Tine2.0 Community Edition steht auf Github eine neue Version bereit. Tine 2.0 CE synchronisiert E-Mails, Termine, Aufgaben und Kontakte mittels ActiveSync oder CalDAV mit Smartphones und anderen Geräten. Das Update behebt viele Fehler und bringt neue Funktionen.

Tine 2.0 Community Edition 2022.10.08.64 Release Notes


  • c36f836 feature(Filemanager): quicklook for media


  • b84d154 fix(Tinebase): workaround for ff 105 window fullscreen bug
  • c95c513 fix(TB FS Preview) improve concurrency handling in error case
  • 8101c41 fix(Addressbook/Update/14.4): catch 404 exception of adb_pdf definition
  • 1a4055f fix(courses): set request context when deleting course
  • 26d7fab fix(Tinebase): not all exports can be opened in OO
  • d60133a fix(HumanResources): can’t view contracts
  • b0fa3ea fix(HR Update) end_date should stay null if null
  • 35b3190 fix(Tinebase) FF >=105 on linux always opens windows in fullscreen
  • 1894705 fix(Felamimail/Account): create default system folders for shared account
  • bee2d0f fix(HR WTR) monthlyWTRs may not have a single dailyWTR yet, check for null
  • 3c03e76 fix(Felamimail/js): get upload promise after execute upload method
  • 3bce32a fix(TB FileLocation) copyNodes forceoverwrite fixed, added more tests
  • 0ed2d6b fix(Felamimail/Account): skip contact acl check if no contact relative data update
  • 7be8716 fix(courses): set request context when deleting course

Quelle: Release 2022.10.08.64 · tine20/tine20 · GitHub

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