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Tine 2.0 2021.12.1 Feature und Bugfix Release

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Die Open-Source Groupware Tine2.0 Community Edition erhielt ein neues Updates. Tine 2.0 CE synchronisiert E-Mails, Termine, Aufgaben und Kontakte mittels ActiveSync oder CalDAV mit Smartphones und anderen Geräten. Das Update behebt viele Fehler und bringt neue Funktionen.

Tine 2.0 2021.12.1 Release Notes


e4866b8 feature(Sales/Offer): add offer transitions and validation
5f55d8b feature(Tinebase/Controller): add _validateState for transitions check
a6b54b5 feature(Sales/Offer): add offer status field
6de2344 feature(Tinebase): add config for CustomEventHook
d7d2b7f feature(Sales): auto pos numbering
546b48b feature(Sales): boilerplate UI
9228268 feature(automerge): trigger next merge
30750cf feature(Tinebase): mc property isMetadataModelFor
f23d42b feature(docker) interactive install
f81f109 feature(Sales): new product edit dialog
755d960 feature(Tinebase): auto field width
e5ef963 feature(Tinebase): dynamic record resolving in recordPicker
577ee9f feature(Tinebase) allow to edit denormalized records
8542df5 feature(Projects): add task relations to projects
8bc98f0 feature(SSO): allow to create rp’s in admin
4e59839 feature(Admin/User): delete filemanager folders after delete user
507f4a8 feature(tb/fileUploader): implement upload management progress UI
8a81bc5 feature(Sales/Product): Edit dialog fields and Translations
1369ca1 feature(Projects): add new fields to model
f45d265 feature(SSO): display redirect target for SSO login
6ff2914 feature(Setup_Controller): add check for optional binaries
f22d6ec feature(Felamimail/js): disable recipient type combo when enabling mass mailing
2efdd29 feature(Admin/QuotaManagement): implement quota management for saas


63bc325 fix(Addressbook/Update/14.2): set correct update key
c06b435 fix(TB FS) prevent /shared/ updates for admins
b58c62b fix(Filemanager) downloadlink on toplevel nodes
1b7c05c fix(Setup) added missing schemaUpdate scripts
4b5cfa6 fix(TB Setup) added missing schemaUpdate script
6de8a83 fix(TB Setup) added missing schemaUpdate script
2efb7c7 fix(Courses) remove nogitlabci tag, make test work, fix admin import without email adr
a8036bc fix(TB SystemCF) schema update only affected model, not all
0e87cf3 fix(dockerimage): php bin link is already there
194157b fix(Calendar): cannot delete event
3e31395 fix(TB/Sales) track denormalized changes fixed, sales test were not registered/running
a0b51ca fix(TB WebDAV) new move feature had issues on personal / shared with more than 2 levels depth
e01d158 fix(TB MC) track local chg for denormalized records
9f43557 fix(HR/DFCom) fix test fails re dfcom_id
b69087e fix(TB MC) denormalied trackChanges flag set on new records too
dabf232 fix(HR Employee) remove dfcom property, will be handled by dfcom/systemcf
06ef4be fix(TB MC) add failsafe against systemCF of apps that got removed
617897b fix(test setup) update installFromDump dump to 2020.11 version
2a9602f fix(Setup) updateOrCreateFromFilename acl / container_id issue fixed
0287ccc fix(Filemanager/js): improve inline grid behavior when create new nodes
ee51ec2 fix(TB/Admin MFA) could not create a user with an mfa assigned, mfa wouldnt work
b5b704a fix(setup test) use tmp path in installFromDump
0e77ac8 fix(tests) fix docker/stdout ob_buffer_get in tests issue for one test
b565e28 fix(tests) remove skipping a test
774e9d2 fix(tests) ldap setup causes test fail, skipping
ea9caf0 fix(tests setup) example application setup test fix
5ebcf71 fix(tests) setup tests fixed
36d7275 fix(TB FS) rename to toplevel parent folders caused acl_node inheritance issues
bcb98bf fix(Felamimail): accountEditDialog layout
d308180 fix(Felamimail): deadlock by addFolder
70ade38 fix(TB Core) resetMC after setting user, not before
d0bf0ce fix(Filemanager tests) fix test issue with language of personal folders
06135fc fix(Filemanager tests) remove catch that acts like a markedSkipped
e5c7477 fix(Sales/Address): expose json api for address
b512a0f fix(Admin/js): avoid invalid quota node appname
dbe4d6f fix(Tinebase): quickadd grids in header mode
ad900e4 fix(Felamimail/Folder): always check if folder supports condstore on create
21282b0 fix(Tinebase/ImportExport): remove broken import/export definition
c629a5a fix(Sales): customer postal expanding
cca1ce5 fix(Sales) document_adress fulltext fixed & tests
59283ce fix(Sales) resolve fulltext on document_address
0588825 fix(Sales) add contact resolving to document consumer
1ac54b3 fix(Sales) phpstan issue fixed
6553a4e fix(Sales) allow local, undenormalized data in denormalized properties
08402dc fix(Sales) postal UI
ac2e255 fix(Sales) denormalized fixes
c0b23ed fix(Sales) tests
c074c39 fix(Sales) Customer delivery adr creation from postal
52ab50e fix(Sales) fix tests
7a318b3 fix(Sales): customer direct address fields
ac30cb7 fix(Sales) document models straigthening
228ad9a fix demodata creation denormalisation UI fix(Sales) document abstract recipient_id property fixed to work with empty string
9c29150 fix(Sales) customer address handling improved, added test data
7dc71a9 fix(TB/Sales) denormalization handling, document models
1382641 fix(Filemanager/js): delete temp node when force stop uploads
5646864 fix(Tinebase/js/renderManager): add default renderer for “relations” fields
cb9f3fd fix(Tinebase/js/appStarter): add default filter for “relations” fields
d91e402 fix(Tinebase/Helper): improve convertDomain to handle special chars in mail part
32edb64 fix(automerge): only merge if there is something to merge
4b42a6c fix(Admin/js): avoid invalid quota node appname
5669c30 fix(Tinebase/User): improve hasSameDate check
69190da fix(Tinebase/User/Ldap): prevent unnecessary user update
8a35282 fix(TB Replication) make getBlob streaming
ce36596 fix(Felamimail/js): fix create account from recipient grid
852139b fix(Admin/EmailAccount): fix overwriting of email username
73f1a90 fix(TB Twig) php8 compatibility fixes
3ed8d2a fix(Addressbook/List): don’t set sieve script for lists without account
c455e54 fix(Tinebase/Export/Csv): check is_string before strlen
8ba3406 fix(Calendar/PollClient): Make name and email required for new participants, fix error on submit after login
670ded3 fix(Tinebase/CC): missing param in setcookie
ba54ec8 fix(TB resolving) Convert_Json + MC virtual relations resolving fixed
21ffe61 fix(composer issue)
f7aca34 fix(Felamimail/sieve): use sieveMasterPW for mailinglists
34b09a8 fix(Tinebase/Auth) removes mergetool backup files
d08f44a fix(TB CC) set secure flag
680b6ce fix(TB Filter) text filter issue
ec2289a fix(Setup Update) cleanup superUser roles left over from previously hard setup stop
d5d36db fix(TB MFA Yubico) improve config failure handling
58a64df fix(TB FS) improve fopen for ‘r’ for empty files
2814696 fix(TB Lock) added closeCursor for db logger to work
ce1e44c fix(ZF ldap_[first|next]_attribute) php8 issue fixed
bb9dcc0 fix(Addressbook/Filter): fix “list role id equals …” filter
6169758 fix(HR WTR) add last_calc prop to monthlyWTR
f704c92 fix(Tinebase/Sentry): always add user info to sentry scope
a3b919b fix(Admin/Quota): improve quota tree grid behavior
ed82515 fix(Tinebase/MC): add variable that might be undefined
be9a6b4 fix(Tinebase/Nodes): remove leading and trailing spaces from name
bd13ac3 fix(Tinebase/User): hard delete prevents using action queue for fireDeleteUserEvent
281ff9f fix(Tinebase/Application): return empty set if TB is not installed
3c8d83e fix(Admin/event): move beforeAddAccount event to controller
be589d8 fix(Felamimail/Account): resolve signature record before update
3bf8e8b fix(Felamimail/Message): skipping empty part in getAttachments()
baaeaf3 fix(Tinebase): pdf-export fails
e225e0e fix(GridPanel): context menu is missing action updater
d7a6d89 fix(Felamimail/js): check right for ok button in accountEditDialog
23053f8 fix(HR WTReport) caching issue for multiple employees with different calculation periods
fdb58e1 fix(Felamimail): allow ‘application/octet-stream’ winmail.dat files
ec5e78c fix(HumanResources): recalc btn not working
6f1be01 fix(Felamimail): make replying to filed messages work (again)
b4dbf0f fix(Tinebase/14.11): fix update script version constant
912d632 fix(TB Relation / CalEvents) allow relations to cal event with fakeid, do resolving
6d4014c fix(Admin/Quota): fix validate incorret record data
fad3dcf fix(Sales/AbstractDocument): fix mc of FLD_REFERENCE_DOCUMENT
8abc4c9 fix(Sales): make phpstan happy (duplicate key in array)
9f60ddd fix(Tinebase/Tags): prevent setting system tags in setTagsOfRecord
50a9b15 fix(TB Tags) manage shared tags right did not work on shared tags without view right
455a581 fix(Felamimail): enable edit account without manage personal account right
f3d6402 fix(Felamimail/js): sieve script update improvement
85d5ba3 fix(Tinebase/Helper): get_headers might return “false”
245d23e fix(Tinebase/Sentry): always add user info to sentry scope
87ecf83 fix(Filemanger): fix filterModel for Node
f266a7e fix(Admin/Quota): handle missing personalFSQuota
6f6e107 fix(Admin/js): get correct treenode when edit quota
f948a61 fix(Tinebase/js): use async/await when clearing registry
c79a92b fix(Filemanager): add filterModel for isIndex
1bb0302 fix(Tinebase): pdf-export fails
1b0b4da fix(Admin/EmailAccount): skip resolving emailUserId if user not found
c856478 fix(HumanResources): days w.o. contract must not abort export
9289c44 fix(e2etest): click wrong ok button
f4b14e3 fix(Addressbook): fix List edit dialog
c5ecc75 fix(Sales/Boilerplate): add table with updateSchema
ec25157 fix(Felamimail/Message): fix structure caching for non-multipart mails
70f901a fix(Test/quota): translate expected exception string
d8035c1 fix(TB) fix broadcasthub change publish return type to integer
e706296 fix(Tinebase/js); throw fe exception when edit inlineRecord failed
0c38ca0 fix(Felamimail/js): improve total/unread count after save draft message
eed1025 fix(Sales/AbstractDoc): fix undefined constant error (2)
a6dd697 fix(Sales/AbstractDoc): fix undefined constant error


6f5e2ee refactor(Projects): auto-generate js client from model
190d844 refactor(Projects): convert model to MCV2

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