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Tine 2.0 2021.02.3 Feature und Bugfix Release

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Die Open-Source Groupware Tine2.0 Community Edition erhielt ein neues Updates. Tine 2.0 CE synchronisiert E-Mails, Termine, Aufgaben und Kontakte mittels ActiveSync oder CalDAV mit Smartphones und anderen Geräten. Das Update behebt über 100 Fehler und bringt

Tine 2.0 2021.02.3 Features

 feature(Tinebase/Tag/Filter): add contains operator (backend)
faaf3ef feature(Timetracker/export): round up accounting time for timesheet ods export
b4d1774 feature(Addressbook/ListRole): check max members constraints
ce2d797 feature(Addressbook/ListRole): add max members field
55e0fd0 feature(ci) run customapp test in customapps
09e30e3 feature(Tinebase/Event): fireEvent returns success
9d6be1f feature(Filemanager): allow user update folders
a46cb99 feature(Calendar): save and load mute selection
5e343c5 feature(TB Export) expressive api with token support
ad740ab feature(Tinebase/Container): get existing container by name
413c9b3 feature(Tinebase) icon-set new icons
b0445b3 feature(Tinebase/Session): add config to disable cleanup
62853af feature(ci) nodify if a pipeline failes
1dbdd60 feature(ci): push source packages to gitlab
cd64418 feature(Felamimail): add code block (preformatted) to email editor
ca5fc5a feature(Tinebase): support more infos in autoDlgs
01df032 Revert “feature(Tinebase/EmailUser): set domain in Dovecot backend”
eb14def feature(Tinebase) show original link in ars panel
31f267f feature(Addressbook/Contact): add language field
1da22f6 feature(Tinebase): ars explainer
0813381 feature(Tinebase/CoreData): add Community Identification Number
ba3688d feature(ci): build source packages
2ee5c34 feature(ci): rename image without pull
2e961c7 feature(Addressbook/Contact): add ‘person’ salutation
57f38b5 feature(ci): do not reuse image if dockerfiles change
5e302f1 feature(Setup): added clear_cache_dir
769e21b feature(Sales/customer): create billing address after create customer
60894dc feature(ci): run customapp e2e tests
9d56bbd feature(Addressbook/Export): add address infos to xls
1606b83 feature(Tinebase): allow to clear modlog
b6e8f4e feature(Felamimail/ActiveSync): support FolderCreate command #7172
869a161 feature(Tinebase): Add hexcolor field type
9e615f5 feature(Admin/Cli): send mail to user with new random pw
8a9a11e feature(Admin/Cli): allow to set pws via getSetEmailAliasesAndForwards
6ec2b33 feature(Admin/Cli): send mail with new pw
b5ff63a feature(TB external DBs) backend can be set to named db connections/configs
a81d056 feature(Admin/Cli): set aliases and forwards
2a51a9c feature(Calendar): limit timeline view with memberOf filter to filtered attendee
c037dde feature(Admin/Cli): set user passwords
cc3dc9f feature(Calendar): evaluate state constraints
44cb6c7 feature(Tinebase): generic way to register checkStates providers
748c469 feature(Tinebase): support statics in Ext.extend
206aba6 feature(Calendar): Strike summary of canceled events in exports
14e3b26 feature(Tinebase/Sql): add missing Sqlsrv Command
7a9e0f5 feature(Tinebase): make roles in favorits usable
b771826 feature(Tinebase/cli): monitoring mail server for/imap/smtp/sieve
d85bcaa feature(Calendar): make URL field available in UI
65e90bd feature(Timetracker): add a tooltip option to modelconf for showing a tooltip in the grid column title

Tine 2.0 2021.02.3 Bugfixes

 fix(Calendar/iMIP): set method to “REQUEST” if empty
d9378ee fix(ci): ldap test use mozillabalpha.schema
2075f7c fix(Filemanager/js): sort gridPanel reocrd by user option
459569d fix(ci): check php version use correct image
d27e0ae fix(ci): test with healt check use correct image
0376a12 fix(ci): fix source package build
5bd0960 fix(ci): install customapp overwrite customapp
cf3d9d4 fix(Tinebase): position of tag-item-text
9528484 fix(ci/packaging): wrong endpoint
3d3f576 fix(ci/phpstan): fix image name
de2e19a fix(ci/build): add missing :
7a0294d fix(TB Container Replication) replace TB id during create via replication
900a709 Revert “fix(Filemanager): don’t allow to rename non editable (acl) nodes”
ed4f0e1 fix(TB) replication issue with import/export definitions default container
506918f fix(Calendar/Update): prevent problem with existing column ‘mute’
d62d000 fix(HR test) fix translation in test
d485b8c fix(Filesystem): fix broken notification panel
505517f fix(Tinebase/Filter): prevent fulltext search with certain special char
82ad179 fix(Tinebase/Filter): prevent fulltext search with certain special char
52927eb fix(ActivSync): create default folder on root
f46ef83 fix(Filemanager): don’t allow to rename non editable (acl) nodes
dc6f12f fix(ci): build cleanup deletes custom apps…
b1fc63e fix(TB Pagination) timetracker issue fixed, cleanup code
ce0e406 fix(HR Setup) fix update script to work with preexisting data
e415f98 fix(TB repeatable sort/pagination results)
35cd81e fix(ci): source packages missing files
0692559 fix(Calendar): dtstart and dtend don´t allwoBlank
a2836be fix(Tinebase/Cli): executeQueueJob needs to have boolean return code
0e2056f fix(HR WTR) set default values for int props, improve modlog
37de8af fix(HR WTR) break_time_net calculation only took last break, instead of sum
b69f1cb fix(Addressbook/List): don’t try to delete missing fmail accounts
0781aa8 fix(Tinebase/Cli): graceful exit if no cronuser was found
135d95c fix(HumanResources): wrong display of workingTimes (in report UI)
e42cddd fix(ci) customerapp e2etest…
d5f3983 fix(Calendar): polls not working for anonymous
218d97c fix(Tinebase): update is_deleted container with default deleted_time
1527054 fix(Customfield): datetime field don´t disabled in editDialog
ed49add fix(Felamimail/Sieve): prevent sieve error by broken rule
09d5538 fix(Filemanager): broken filterPath for OO
c8499e1 fix(e2etest): backport of 2020.11
e098cca fix(Felamimail/Message): cope with record set attachments
20e4129 fix(ci): copys source missing rysnc
8760878 fix(Filemanager): systemlinks expand folder
2c62d4b fix(Calendar/CalDAV): fix variable initialization
b610377 fix(Felamimail): Handle aliases if smtpAliasesDispatchFlag not set #7304
e2da5e5 fix(Tinebase): some apps fail to initialize
fd15ae1 fix(ci): skip failing e2etests
e23b76a fix(ci): skip failing e2etests
d69783f fix(docker): do not delete non existing folder
e0f9a31 fix(Felamimail/Message): prevent endless loop in fetchStructure
c1b768f fix(Addressbook): remove shortName by copy contact
daaf9df fix(repo): readd htaccess for rpm build
ec617f2 fix(dockerimage): phpversion should be a string
6090049 fix(ci): cache image tag invalid
00b196c fixup! WIP fix(Calendar): send ressource decline notification
daaaf24 fix(Tinebase/LogEntry): fix label typo
cf383dc fixup! WIP fix(Calendar): send ressource decline notification
c95cdaf fix(Tinebase): fix can’t upload same file twice via upload btn
f2b292c WIP fix(Calendar): send ressource decline notification
ade4c04 fix(Tinebase/Record): exists() should return false with empty ID
4fade80 fix(Tinebase/Cli): graceful exist without cronuser
b4deee4 Revert “fix(ci): remove nginx config copy on reuse”
583aceb fix(repo) reduplicated
de9d20c fix(Timetracker/js): prevent factor calculation in multi edit mode
2598f78 fix(ci): postfixmultiinstance_tables.sql wrong path
ab808b2 fix(Tinebase): can’t upload same file twice via upload btn
dcdcc51 fix(Tinebase): keep filtervalue on fieldchange with fixed operators
8a9cfc7 fix(ci): remove nginx config copy on reuse
9532878 fix(Cal iMIP X-Props) line breaks prevented iMIP xprops to be send to client
e4246a4 fix(Tinebase/FilePreviews): new revision did not generate preview
ff63fe9 fix(Calendar): avoid custom sheet views
081f6dd fix(Felamimail/spam): copy tempfile error with invalid char
873090f fix(CliTest): skip monitoring servers if no mailstack
84e5d79 fix(TB Paths) fix getPathsForRecord with records auto increment ids, like ’32’ or so
24bd41e fix(Calendar List[memberof] filter resolving) deprected group logic removed, working with lists only now
328a477 fix(Tinebase/Update/11.29): fix update statement
af27e34 fix(Admin): usermail don´t show false if empty
a60dc84 fix(ExportAction): find favorite Definitions
6809796 fix(Tinebase/Cli): skip test if netcat is not installed
5e0381b fix(HR/Update): prevent update problems
6791d8e fix(Adb ListMemberRoleFilter) support new [not]definedBy operator
b4f7f12 fix(TB MFA Yubico) use safer user update method to avoid plugin invocation
6e23159 fix(Demodata): Make AllDemodata runnable again
c92130e fix(Tinebase): can’t cope with . when !allowBrowserPasswordManager
b1dda6b fix(TB ModLog) improve sequence counting
0596afd fix(HumanResources): taken vacation days display wrong
85ffeba fix(ci): no matching report found
5a11211 fix(Felamimail/Account): prevent deleting shared accounts
2b50913 fix(Filemanager) getNode for directories was missing trailing /
79a0d03 fix(Tinebase): skip double key events
0c5e5f1 fix(Filemanager): rename treeNodes not working
dd363e3 fix(Filemanager): rename treeNodes not working
95250f9 fix(Filemanager): deeplinks with ‘.’ in path not working
9348397 fix(Tinebase Setup) uniqueContainerName update script fix
119ea56 fix(TB Json Convert) php7.4+ compatibility fix
ac8f2e5 fix(TB Container) force names unique in db
2c32d3c fix(TB Record Controller) adjust delete transaction
05c433a fix(TB CLI) undo did not report undone changes as it used to do, fixed
09da27b fix(TB ModLog) fix modification_time/account issue [affected deleted records]
3424dbb fix(Timetracker/js): reset status when copy timeaccount
fa355ee fix(Filemanager): fileSelection puzzled with beautfied paths
6a0bd7e fix(Filemanger) deep links not working

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