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Syncthing – Version 0.14.19 released

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Das Open-Source P2P Tool zum direkten synchronisieren von Dateien und Verzeichnissen unter Linux, Windows und Mac OS, Syncthing, ist in Version 0.14.19 veröffentlicht worden. Das Release ist ein geplantes und behebt einige Fehler und führt Verbesserungen durch.

Syncthing 0.14.19 Release Notes:

#3846: Changing bandwidth rate limits now takes effect immediately without restart.
#3859: The event log (-audit) can now be directed to stderr for piping into another program.
#3584: A panic on folder listing at startup has been fixed.
#3857: On Windows, we now make sure to never descend into directory symlinks.
#3819: When a folder is deleted, the .stfolder marker is also removed. The ignore file and .stversions directory are retained, if present.
#3839: Several scenarios where a device would get stuck with “not a directory” errors are now handled again.
#3861: Third party copyrights in the about box are now more up to date.

Also:  Hashing performance has been improved again, after it was inadvertently reduced in v0.14.17.



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