Syncthing Release 0.14.11 erschienen

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Die Entwickler der Open-Source P2P Synchronisationssoftware, Syncthing, haben das neue Release 0.14.11 veröffentlicht. Es behebt 5 Fehler und steht ab sofort für fast alle Distributionen bereit.

Syncthing 0.14.11 Release

  • #10155: Introducers can now remove devices that they introduced
  • #37263: Syncthing now correctly reconnects to staticly configured relays
  • #37182: strelaysrv: No longer crashes with “panic: send on closed channel”
  • #36822: strelaysrv: Binding to a specific address now works better
  • #37103: Folder information in the GUI now uses icons and tooltips


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