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Syncthing in Version 0.14.18 als Hotfix für 0.14.17 erschienen

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Die Enwickler der Open-Source P2P Software zum direkten synchronisieren von Dateien und Ordnern, Syncthing, haben die Version 0.14.17 sowie nun das Hotfix 0.14.18, veröffentlicht.

In der Version 0.14.17 wurden 6 neue Features bzw. wesentliche Änderungen durchgeführt.

Syncthing Release Notes 0.14.18

  • #3855: Connections to older Syncthing versions are no longer closed due to unmarshalling message: proto: wrong wireType = 2 for field BlockIndexes.

Syncthing Release Notes 0.14.17

  • #3689: Panics caused by corrupt on disk database are now better explained in the panic message.
  • #3817: Statically configured device addresses without port number now correctly defaults to port 22000 again.
  • #3829: Inotify clients no longer cause ‘invalid subpath’ errors to be displayed.

New and improved functionality:

  • #215: Folders can now be paused.
  • #2679: “Master” folders are now called “send only” in order to standardize on a terminology of sending and receiving changes.
  • #3407: Pausing devices and folders now persists across restarts.
  • #3527: A rolling checksum is used to identify and reuse blocks that have moved within a file.
  • #3790: Syncthing allows setting the type-of-service field on outgoing packets, configured by the advanced setting “trafficClass”.
  • #3809: Which device introduced another device is now visible in the GUI.

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