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Syncthing Enhancement und Bugfix Release 1.22.2

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Das Entwicklerteam der P2P Synchronisationssoftware von Dateien und Ordner, Syncthing, haben das Bugfix Release 1.22.2 veröffentlicht. Das Update behebt mehr als 8 Fehler und fürht 4 Verbesserung durch.

Syncthing 1.22.2 Release Notes


  • #3744: Folders with custom icons not deletable on Windows
  • #8570: Incorrect rescan interval when add encrypted folder with watch for changes enabled
  • #8592: Newly added “connection type” icon and text in device info is slightly misaligned
  • #8630: Enabling rate limit drastically reduces network performance
  • #8654: Conflicts created on Android on files modified by other devices
  • #8657: Xattrs not properly applied to directories, causes rescan/resync loop
  • #8661: webgui complains about not set password in ldap mode
  • #8682: syncthing generate command writes the deviceId to stderr instead of stdout as INFO


  • #2771: Add mailto link to “Show ID” dialog, for sending device ID via email
  • #7703: Show if devices have not connected in a long time
  • #8638: Use healtcheck endpoint for docker
  • #8686: LAN detection via subnetmask

Other issues

  • #8601: Build fails due to setting xattrs that affect SELinux, “permission denied”
  • #8679: Bump quic-go

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